19 Oct 2010

McCann Book Ban Lifted - Freedom has returned to Portugal

O Tribunal da Relação de Lisboa revogou a providencia cautelar interposta pelo casal McCann contra o livro do ex coordenador da PJ Gonçalo Amaral, o Tribunal ordenou a imediata reposição do livro nos pontos de venda.

The Court of Appeal of Lisbon overturned the injunction filed by the McCann couple against the book written by the former PJ coordinator Gonçalo Amaral, the Court ordered the immediate replacement of the book at the usual sale points.

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  1. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Good Afternoon Mr. Amaral,
    I have supported and respected you,from the outset,regarding this poor little girl,and finally
    sanity has prevailed and you can move forward and get these odious people into a Court-Room,where they must be made to tell the Truth,they should never have been allowed to leave Portugal in the first place.This farce has gone on for far too long,and now there is no doubt that you will get Justice,not only for that poor little girl,(that you have been trying to do all along) but for you,your Wife and your Family.
    With My Very Best Wishes to you as Always,
    Reta-Anne Wiseman

  2. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Mr Amaral,
    I too have long supported you. You and your family have my greatest respect. You are a stern defender of truth and justice and a very honourable man. The truth will always come out eventually and I feel that the tide is starting to turn.
    My very best wishes

  3. Anonymous2:10 pm

    One step nearer the day the World finds out the truth...the real truth and nothing but the truth.