2 Feb 2015

A Message from Gonçalo Amaral

Dear Friends,

The civil suit that was filed against me by the McCann couple is in its final stages, and the decision concerning material facts, which to me seems rather favourable, is already known. A period for legal allegations ensues, after which we will await the verdict, which I envision will translate into my longed for acquittal and the consequent lifting of the attachments that have caused me such extensive financial difficulties over the past five years. This means that it has been only due to your help that I have been able to financially sustain the ongoing lawsuit, which nonetheless cannot be said about my increasingly strangled personal life.

I say strangled because in reality I am experiencing a very serious crisis on an emotional as well as a financial level. This is due to those who have tried to asphyxiate me financially, wishing for my civil death and wanting to place me in a position where I would be unable to react judicially. After five years (counted since the civil suit was filed) the parents of the child that mysteriously disappeared on the 3rd of May of 2007 in the Algarve were not able to fully achieve what they intended. I am alive, I'm able to financially sustain the civil suit, although not much more than that...

Concerning my emotional crisis, I ask you to understand that for me, this whole struggle is not only about the fundamental discovery of the truth, because no matter how optimistic I may be, I can never forget the demand for damages amounting to 1.200.000 Euro that was filed by the couple, which, if absurdly it would be granted, will completely destroy me on all levels.

To all of you, thank you very much.

Gonçalo Amaral

Lisboa, February 2, 2015


  1. Anonymous5:54 pm

    My heart goes out to Srn Amaral and I hope the court finds in his favor.He has been ripped apart by the parents of Madeleine.They should be ashamed.Bless you GA.

  2. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Dear Goncalo , we admire you so much and are sending best wishes to you , we hope the mccanns lose this ridiculous case and you can be fully exonerated then hopefully you can recover your life , ( and maybe counter sue the neglecter doctors ) Wishing you all the very best and let's hope this nightmare is soon ended happily for you X

  3. Força, já falta pouco...

  4. Anonymous6:01 pm

    I thank God for people like you who do the honorable things for the right reasons no matter what the cost . May the Truth of the Lies come out and the people responsible be brought to justice. I cannot believe the amount of lies and story changes since this whole escapade began and still people believe them . I pray for Justice for you and for that poor child. And if you decide to counter sue them for damages then know that there are many many many people behind you .

  5. Julie Farley Cann6:01 pm

    Goncalo Amaral

    You are one of my most favourite people.
    God bless you and your family.
    I hope in the near future, you and everyone you love, find peace, health and happiness forever more.
    You deserve it.
    From London
    I tell every one about you and put them straight. X

  6. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Please believe that there are many many people who sincerely wish you and your family the very best wishes and pray for the justice you have fought for to arrive...xx

  7. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Many of us wish you well Gonçalo. Love and healing thoughts are sent to you.

  8. Anonymous6:13 pm

    I wish you all the best!

  9. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Those who support you will continue to do so, we will find a way and will not let you fall.

  10. Anonymous6:19 pm

    God bless you sir and best wishes to you and your family..xx

  11. Anonymous6:23 pm

    we wish you well from the honest law abiding people who only want to see justice for this lovely wee girl thank you for your efforts in trying to find out the truth, there are a lot of people right behind you and I sincerely hope you come out of all this intact x

  12. Anonymous6:34 pm

    hope the mcanns get found out and charged they are the ones that should be on trial,you are a intelligant man and know the truth yet they are still free beggers belief

  13. Anonymous6:38 pm

    I hope you get justice and your life back. Thank god for you, a man with integrity and guts.

  14. Another man would have given up long ago, you Sr. Amaral have a remarkable inner strength.

    Kind Regards.

  15. Anonymous6:52 pm

    When Sr Amaral is exonerated, as justice demands he will be, certain people MUST be made to answer for the indefensible and scandalous depths to which they have sunk in their attempts to discredit and destroy an honorable police officer whose only crime was to do his duty...

    1. Anonymous10:09 am

      I agree wholeheartedly,we can support him financially as much as we can,but to have the emotional stress that this has brought on this honourable man in my opinion is evil.Evil against Madeleine & evil against Goncalo Amaral & others.

  16. Anonymous6:53 pm

    There are even many people in the uk who believe in you and your findings sir, good luck and good health to you

  17. Princess7:07 pm

    Keep the faith Sir Amaral We are all with you You were only doing your Job Seeking the truth for Maddie McCann We have seen all the injustice to your family and yourself You day is coming to finally rid yourself of all this God bless you Sir

  18. Anonymous7:09 pm

    you must stay strong in your head that is where it gets you most

  19. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Some of us are working very hard to achieve justice for Madeleine and for you.
    I wish you all the very best for the future.
    Keep strong and well. There's always something better around the corner.

  20. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Another supporter of you Mr Amaral - God bless!

  21. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Snr Amaral: Men , such as yourself , are awarded my undying admiration, men who hold dear the principles of truth , justice , ethics and a clear conscience in the face of lies, propaganda and downright bloody vindictiveness. Myself , as I'm sure many thousands of others from every corner of the globe , would like to extend my heart felt gratitude for not giving up , for refusing to allow lies to triumph over truth and justice , God bless you sir

  22. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Its easy to forget what emotional stress you must be suffering as a result of simply doing your job to the best of your ability. It is essential you remind us. You are in our highest esteem. I am certain things will come right for you - just sorry about what you have had to suffer. Best wishes and love from Lincolnshire UK

  23. Rab Cochrane7:52 pm

    Best of luck Goncalo may your God go with you !!!

  24. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Best wishes from Italy!

  25. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Snr Amaral

    I wish I had the courage to post under a real name and stand up for free speech with the same degree of dignity as you have shown. I fervently hope you win this case and are able to recover, both financially and emotionally, from this,spitelful, vexatious legal challenge.

  26. Anonymous8:14 pm

    My best wishes to you and your family. Stay strong and may this business be over soon and you can be at peace. You deserve it... regards from Sardinia...

  27. So sad to read this ,you poor man.What you have been put through is evil. I am sending a big hug to you. So many of us british people support you,a good,honest man we admire greatly. We will continue to support you xxxxx

  28. Wishing you all the best. Perhaps you can countersue, but I fear if you have to do so in the UK you will not receive justice. The climate is politically awkward. It should not be so.

  29. Anonymous8:55 pm

    My thoughts are with you, knowing what you've had to go through in the name of justice. So many of us are right behind you and support your fight, we don't want you to feel alone. Take care of yourself and stay strong. You have right on your side. Good luck and sincere good wishes.

  30. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Good luck for the verdict, we know you didn't do anything but your job x

  31. Anonymous9:51 pm

    The very best wishes from Ireland. We admire you greatly and pray for justice for Madeliene and you.Please look after yourself ,we really care about you..xx

  32. Alison10:04 pm

    God bless you, Goncalo, and don't give up now. It is heartbreaking to think what you have gone through at the hands of that vile couple and their ghastly accomplice Clarence Mitchell. I am in awe at your courage and fortitude and I have a feeling you will soon be vindicated.

  33. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Truth conquers all... The world is watching, we are all with you.

  34. There can only be one verdict after that embarrassingly cobbled together case the McCanns had years to prepare for yet failed miseraby to prove.

    They must have thought they could wing it; so typical of them and their absurd arrogance.

    The eyes of the world are watching and waiting for justice for you at long last.

  35. Anonymous11:25 pm

    99% of the people in the UK support you & from what I've seen so does the rest of the world... You are Maddies Hero and ours.

  36. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Goncalo, you're strength, it is not what most men are made of. When you have faced your biggest struggles, the weight so heavy, you have come out stronger. And you always will because that is who you are. This is why life will soon embrace you again.

    From Ireland ... GP.

  37. Anonymous12:51 am

    I've followed this case from the very beginning and I believe you have been done a great injustice by the parents of Madeleine McCann.

    You are Madeleine's voice.

    God Bless and may justice prevail.

  38. Anonymous2:13 am

    stay strong and thanks for not turning a blind eye even when it seems every one is against you. the truth will prevail

  39. Anonymous4:34 am

    When I find myself in times of trouble
    Mother Mary comes to me
    Speaking words of wisdom :
    'Let it be'

    With best wishes from New Zealand.

  40. Anonymous5:23 am

    Wales UK. Supporting Goncalo until the very end.

  41. Anonymous6:10 am

    Dear Goncalo,it won't be long now until you see justice,we forget how hard it must have been for you these past years,please know that if we could take some of this nightmare from you we would.God Bless you.

  42. Anonymous8:25 am

    Dear GA, you have given your all, it was a performance of a life-time, you were patient, brilliant, a supreme example of integrity, born to show the world your voice for the little girl who cannot speak for herself, you never hesitated to speak up and write about the findings of the investigation. We are proud of you and watching the outcome in Portugal. Good Luck and look after yourself. All is well that ends well.

  43. Anonymous8:36 am

    Thank you for your letter to all your supporters. Beautiful messages are left here for you, Gonçalo Amaral ! Wow! Take courage from all the good vibrations we are sending your way. You have done an excellent job. Be gentle and kind to yourself to be spared, in good health, for your family !

  44. Please Sir, never allow those disgraced doctors make you feel in any way diminished. YOU are a true Human and a hero of our times. You stood for Truth in a time of almost Universal deceit. You are an inspiration. I wish you Justice. I wish you Peace. I wish you happiness. xxx

  45. Anonymous9:51 am

    You are an honourable man. An inspiration. What you have been put through is horrific. I'm ashamed of our media . Please know that more people than you can imagine are on your side. xxxx To Victory!

  46. Respect. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_w-8JKaTohe4/TEYDe6QLtjI/AAAAAAAAcVY/t35w0411LQ0/s1600/great_is_the_truth.jpg

  47. Dear Dr Goncalo. You are an inspiration to those who believe the Perverted Pair should obtain justice. I long for your success and hope that you will be able to continue in the fight for the truth about Madeleine. I am one of the army of people who give you our support and best wishes.

  48. Anonymous4:15 pm

    I hope you will recover your strength and gain comfort from the knowledge that you have so many supporters. I pray that the final decision will be in your favour and you can begin to rebuild your life.

  49. Anonymous2:56 am

    None of this should ever have been allowed to happen. The McCann's should be jailed for vexatious litigation. I hope laws will be changed so this can never happen again. Snr Amaral, you have more people on your side than you can count, that's what is important here, not money or lies. We know you are a decent, honourable man and you can hold your head high always. Good luck for the verdict, I will be celebrating alongside you.

  50. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Good luck. The truth will find a way out.

  51. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Keep the faith. You were doing your job to the best of your ability. Why such heavy handed, highly placed obstruction prevailed in this case is very much a mystery. Let us hope and pray justice will be served. We commend you on your bravery in the face of this high handed assault. Best of luck. From Spain xx