13 Dec 2009

To Speak the Truth by Gonçalo Amaral

Two years ago a company of private detectives hired by the parents of the child who mysteriously disappeared in the Algarve, announced that the end of the drama was at hand. The child was about to be found and spend Christmas with her family. The desire of all those who wanted a happy ending was defrauded.

Today we discuss the opposition to an injunction that withdrew the fullness of freedom of expression fundamented on multiple stampedes on the truth. It is said in the injunction that a book written by me was to blame for the failure of the search for the missing child.

To Speak the truth would be to question the work of private detective firms, hired since the early days of the investigation, that could be considered disastrous.

To Speak the Truth mean to say that at the date of publication of the book, July 2008, the private detectives companies were already working on the case for many months.

To Speak the Truth would mean to say that at Christmas 2007 I was a policeman in service, calumniated and smeared by the support staff of the parents of missing child.

To Speak the Truth is to make clear that to restore the fullness of my freedom of expression I had to retire from the Judiciary Police, because only in that way I could defend myself.

in Correio da Manhã, Opinion column 'Matéria de Facto', 12 December 2009


  1. For you, Dear Gonçalo

    "No man is true in the truest sense of the world, but he, who is true in work, in deed and in thought." (Qu"ran)


  2. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Snr Goncalo,
    A new year begins and who knows what it may bring, but for you and your courage and your belief in justice, I hope it brings you everything that in your heart that you are looking for, wishing you good things and peace in the knowledge that many support you.