4 Dec 2011

Thank You Note

Dear friends,

My name is Gonçalo Amaral. I am a former Criminal Investigation Coordinator, and the author of the book “Maddie – The Truth about the Lie”, written with the purpose of contributing to the discovery of material truth and the performance of justice, and under the perspective of reinstating my reputation that was blackened in public.

This book was written under the use of my full rights, and stands as a technical opinion that is based on facts, indications and events that are part of the process that underlies the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

In September this year, an injunction was granted without previously hearing the defendant, based on lies and abusive interpretations of the intentions that were behind the creation of said book.

In order to render the defence of my rights more difficult, a request for damages worth 1.200.000 euros was filed, followed by the arrest of rights and goods.

The strategy of those who continue to dirty us was simple: the man is silenced, and the path to influence attitudes and behaviours, through the manipulation of public opinion at their pleasure, is opened. A campaign to discredit and to misinform is under way, at the same time as they try to asphyxiate us financially, in order to win the case without having to go to trial.

We will not conform to the limitation of our fundamental rights, through unconstitutional judicial decisions that put the responsible exercise of free expression at stake.

I thank all those who over the last couple of years have supported me, and who have signed the public petitions over the last days, as well as those who, through financial effort towards the recently created fund and a demonstration of solidarity, have reinforced my belief in the defence of values that should shape modern and democratic societies, freedom of expression, the discovery of the truth and the performance of justice.

As far as I’m concerned, I commit myself to embody the hopes of all of you, and not to give up, despite the survival of my own family being at stake, but the defence of those values and principles is essential.

To all, a heartfelt thank you.

Portimão, 2009-12-03

Gonçalo Amaral



  2. God bless you Sr Amaral and long may you fight for justice for Maddie xxxx

  3. Thank you and Good Luck Sr Amaral.

  4. Anonymous9:07 am

    Mr. Amaral, I respect and admire you for your determination to bring Justice for that poor little girl. Our Best Wishes are with you, your Wife and your Family. With 28 yrs. experience behind you, you are nobodys fool.
    All the Vey Best,
    Reta-Anne Wiseman

  5. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Mr Amaral you are a Man amongst Men, the UK will find out what happened but only through your hard work, thank you Mr Amaral.
    Very best wishes to you and your family for 2010


  6. Senor Amaral - you have friends and supporters across the world who will do everything in their power, however small, to help you in your fight for truth and justice. Hold fast.

  7. Anonymous5:46 pm

    My warmest best wishes to you as well as my respect and admiration.
    Good luck in your quest to make the truth heard

  8. Anonymous8:20 pm

    You are a great man as is anyone who supports the truth especially when a child is involved
    My best wishes go to you and your family.

  9. Anonymous1:43 am

    My sincere best wishes and gratitude for you dedication and determination.

    May God bless you and guide you.

    Mary (from Canada)

  10. Anonymous11:36 am

    With all best wishes for your success next week

  11. Dear Gonçalo
    Todos mis mejores deseos para mañana y para una VICTORIA GARANTIZADA
    Coraje y FUERZA!
    Un abrazo

  12. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Dear Mr.Amaral,I wish you every success and thank you for not giving up on truth and justice for Madeleine.

  13. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Thank you so much for your determination and courage.You have my greatest respect and admiration. The people of the U.K. will find out the truth one day thanks to you, and we will also discover why our dispicable government has been trying to cover up the truth about this case for so long.
    Best wishes to you and your family, they should be so proud of you.

  14. Anonymous11:04 am

    Good Morning Mr. Amaral,
    This Libel Case against you should have been quashed this week. Portugual have been more than fair to these neglectful parents,while you have suffered. Bring it to an end ,please Mr. Amaral.
    With Very Best Wishes always.
    Reta-Anne Wiseman

  15. Anonymous7:53 pm

    The truth will out.

    good luck to you snr

  16. Anonymous5:52 am

    Dear Mr. Amaral
    I think you are wonderful and a very brave man. GOD BLESS you, and good luck to you and
    your Family.

  17. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Good luck to you.Your determination shows you have great faith in the truth, Dont give up.

  18. I am with you all the way.

    Good luck.

    If the McCans had paid as much attention to Madeleine as they are hounding you...

  19. Anonymous9:10 am

    Dear Mr. Amaral, in the name of a lot of people from Germany I would like to submit you our best wishes for the fight of justice. God bless you. Unfortunately the most of our German media have reported Pro-McCann, too. But we do not believe this brain-washing nonsense.

    Best regards Lydia

  20. Anonymous4:51 pm


    From the very beginning of this sad story, my instinct told me and still tells me the parents are probably guilty.

    I have been very chocked by the way they started to raise money so fast and so much, as running a business.

    You are courageous and right in your project. Don't give it up. Kids are to be protected.

  21. Pamela Copetta11:00 am

    Mr. Amaral, I live in Portugal, I know the Portuguese soul and since I heard the news that a little girl had been abducted from an apartment I thought " esta historia está mal contada". If the story was true... it had to be a foreigner, never a Portuguese.
    As the story came along, it was so obvious that the parents and friends were involved, that the only thing that confused me a little was the Judiciaria saying the parents were not suspicious. I even thought it could be a way to let them fill confident and wait for them to make a movement
    it could let to their arrest.
    Mr. Amaral, if there is something that really works properly in this country is the Judiciaria, we all know that. I am so sorry that the " manda chuvas" didn´t support you, it is a very sad sample for the rest of the officers that work so hard to keep us all safe. No doubt that the order came from the political side.
    I still wonder " who" is Gery Mccann??? How comes he got all this " media cover" ? How comes he call England before calling the GNR???
    How comes he and his frigid wife didn´t run desperatly seeking for Madeleine the night she disappear?
    Too many incomprehensible questions that even for a not very brilliant mind brings NO doubt about who is guilty.
    I have your first book, it is absurd and pathetic that they seek to forbid us to read it.

    You have all my support, I will sign any petition you want me to sign, I will ask all my friends to do the same and if there is justice you will win!

    1. Anonymous5:30 pm

      Hear hear We in Britain feel the same we are behind you Sir JUSTICE 4 GONCALO = JUSTICE 4 MADDIE God bless you Sir and the good people of Portugal

  22. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Although I cannot speak or read Portuguese, I have a copy of your book The English Gag. One day Snr Amaral I will buy your books in English in ENGLAND.

    Until that day comes my friend, Rest assured the free World is watching the attempted humiliation of yourself, by two negligent parents,who are aided by sinister and corrupt people with hidden agenda. Control of the internet, free speech and expression being just three of the controls that spring to mind.

    An Englishman

  23. Viking.4:20 pm

    Snr.Amaral, Greetings and best wishes from Britain ! Your fight for Truth and Justice touches us all. To see an honest man pursued by people like the Dreadful McCanns simply because he will not be silenced,is an affront to all with decent values and instincts. As a Father and Grandfather,the cold and deliberate neglect of three little children by their parents, sickens me ! Then,to attempt to destroy the reputation of the man who led the search for their missing child,because he does'nt accept their "Theory" of abduction,adds insult to injury ! Truth and Freedom of Speech is the foundation of a Democracy,it could be that Portugal's Democracy is in your hands. Be strong for Portugal and Freedom !

  24. Anonymous4:17 am

    Greetings from NY/Metro Area. We are in a blizzard, but, I am thinking of you. Viva Goncalo! They are bullies, just plain old school yard bullies. Thanks for standing up to them..


  25. Anonymous5:53 am

    Dear Dr. Amaral - I wish you all the best tomorrow in the court in Lisbon. We just can't have freedom of speech supressed by those who have a mighty machine with financial backing and spin doctors behind them who don't care for the truth. Money doesn't buy the truth. I just hope the judge has common sense on her side.

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

    Yours, a friend in the USA

  26. Anonymous11:28 am

    Dear Sr Amaral

    I wish you good luck in your court appearance today fighting for freedom of speech and the truth of what happened to Madeleine McCann. There are many, many people behind you, stay strong.

    I have been following this case since 3 May 2007, the McCanns never cease to amaze me with their constant spin, millionaire backers, super injunctions, super injunctions to stop anyone being told about super injuctions, blaming everyone but themselves for the disappearance of Madeleine.

    Kind regards from the UK.

  27. Bridget7:38 pm

    Dr Amaral,

    People fight for many causes in this life, and strive for many goals. To fight for someone else's truth is the most selfless of those.

    To fight for it in the face of lies and manipulation from the very people who took that truth and turned it into the lies with which they clothe themselves, also takes great courage and fortitude.

    Good luck, Goncalo. The truth will prevail, as will you.

  28. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Dear Dr Amaral and Portugal ,As a great grandmother in England may I say thankyou and God Bless you, Please accept my apololgise for what my sad country has done,,I feel ashamed ,

  29. Anonymous8:51 am

    Thank you for your courage Goncalo, without you these neglectful parents would have total control over their story and indeed that is what it is, a work of fiction.

    I am embarrased and deeply ashamed that the UK police do not have your strength and high morals and that individuals within the police and the government care more about their carear progression than they do about an innocnet defenseless little girl.

    All the best to you and your family, god bless you.


    1. Anonymous12:08 am

      I couldn't agree more, as a mother of 3 daughters, eldest once 4, twins 2 , the idea of putting the twins to bed at 7.00 pm, and the eldest at 7.30 worked well at home on winter, sometimes summer if no kids on the front, but on holiday my 4 year old going to bed at 7.30 whilst me and her father got ready to go out, and my eldest, not already green eyed at the fact the twins always have each other , being centre of attention all our attention on her, you bet she wouldn't be in bed, mo holidays with my 3 bloody hard work and no such thing as a rest,

  30. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Mr Amaral,
    Thank you for your courage, you have all my support.
    The truth is powerful,

    I wish you good luck on thursday,

    All the best to you and your family.


  31. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Mr. Amaral,
    I hope there is a reason behind this decision made today,and that it is to do with a future Trial. This may seem a set-back for you,but in the end Justice will prevail for that little girl and it will be brought about because of you.Please keep on going,the Truth always wins in the end.
    With Very Best Wishes,
    Reta-Anne Wiseman

  32. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Hats off to the mcspams they got off with child neglect, hiding the death and killing free speech,
    Keep fighting, the British press are scum


  33. Anonymous12:36 am

    Considering the size and reach of the powers who appear to have been backing the McCanns since day one, I should not have been surprised by this outcome. However, like many others, I find myself unusually depressed by this. It reminds me of the Hutton Inquiry.

    I pray Mr. Amaral will continue his fight knowing that we are all behind him, and that the truth will come out.

  34. Snr Amaral,the decision to-day is beyond my comprehension,and an absolute affront to free speech.Anyone who does not depend on UK media for their news,will be truly behind you. Sadly not all know it's McCann propoganda we are fed here.Truly sickening, though many are seeing through the lies.
    It is sad you have been landed with this burden, just for doing your job.I admire you for not giving up, and also pray you keep strong for your family who need you in good health.
    I feel so angry the bullies try to imply we can't think for ourselves and had not made our own minds up about the Mcs long ago. Too many instances to list from day 1. God speed.

  35. Anonymous7:07 pm

    @ GMKOMD GLASGOW, i could not agree with you more the british press and media are utter scum(this is from a ashamed British person) they have been disgusting about you Mr Amaral and all i can say is i am so sorry you have been made the scapegoat for the protection of the vile Mccanns. I was waiting on tender hooks on thursday hoping you would win but i should have known corruption would be to blame in the end for this verdict, for the last 3 years goverment, judge's, media press have all protected these child neglectors(at the very least) and you have been the only one who has had the guts to take them on, Mr Amaral you are a decent, honourable man and i hope God keeps you and your family safe and i thank you for trying your best to get justice for a sweet innocent little girl who our press and the Mccanns have forgotton about.

  36. Greg Montford7:31 pm

    Please keep going it must be so frustrating at times like this but the corruption will eventually be exposed. You are a true hero only those who fear you call you names.

  37. GND, Dublin7:49 pm

    Sr. Amaral. Tiocfaidh do lá - Your day will come. Força Gonçalo!

  38. Anonymous7:53 pm

    I have been following this and I really hope you get on to future trails. We need the freedom of speech. I was really surprised about the verdict, as I live in Sweden and the freedom of speech is strong. We need also to get the truth out what happened. I admire you strongly.

    Maria in Sweden

  39. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Mr Amaral,

    You have my support and I wish you all the best. I feel in the end you will win.

    British in the US

  40. Anonymous7:30 pm

    You are an utterly good and honourable person, and I feel completely ashamed at the treatment you have had at the hands of the British government and media, in the protection of that despicable pair of child neglectors. May the truth prevail.

  41. Anonymous7:01 pm

    God Bless your Mr Amaral,please don't think all British are like the McCanns and their cohorts,your day will come sir,i hope when the truth prevails the British press go down with the McCanns.I feel so bad for you and your family,but you will have justice inevitably along with Madeleine.

  42. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Good luck in all your work.

  43. God Bless you & your family,

  44. Angelica2:21 pm

    Mr. Amaral, continue your fight, I have followd the case from the beginning and I am sure the parents are behind their daughters dissapearence. Keep on going Mr.Amaral, the truth will come out, you did the right thing by writing your book "The truth about the Lies".
    It is just too unbelivable that the Mccanns still out and not in jail!!!
    Forca Amaral!!! This time you are going to win!!!!!

    God bless you and your family,

    Angelica in Switzerland

  45. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Mr Amaral, a heartfelt thankyou for not giving up on Madeleine. If ever a child needed a protector it is this child and she couldn't ask for a more genuine, committed protector than yourself.
    I hope that right is on your side when the libel trial begins and the McCanns lose and the world is shown exactly how they tried to, not only gag you, but to financially destroy you and your family as well.
    God go with you and yours.

  46. Anonymous3:30 pm

    I wish you the very best Mr Amaral!
    It is people like you that make people like us still believe in justice without corruption. Thank you for your work, for daring to speak up, thank you, your wife and your children for holding on after everything you have been through.
    I saw you on french television and I thought you spoke very well. Your efforts are about to pay off. People are increasingly annoyed at the McCanns and anybody watching your very well made documentary is convinced that they liars.
    Lots of people are behind you, stay strong!

  47. Anonymous4:17 pm

    With dignity and courage you continue to fight for justice for a child you never met. May God give you the victory over those who seek to oppress you.

  48. Anonymous12:02 pm

    You have right on your side Mr Amaral and remember 'right is might'
    Your integrity is something to marvel at.

  49. Anonymous12:39 pm

    mr amaral the good man who want's justice for a little girl he never met but will never give up on.god bless you and your family dr amaral.

    jan united kingdom

  50. Anonymous9:13 am

    Justice for Madeleine

  51. Anonymous2:13 pm

    can i ask you Mr Amaral why YOU are doing more to help Madeleine Beth Mccann than her parents.GOD BLESS YOU.

  52. Anonymous5:12 am

    Keep strong and never give up. P,FROM AUCKLAND

  53. Anonymous5:17 am

    Keep strong and never give up.From P,Auckland,NZ

  54. Anonymous6:27 am

    Please remain strong and have faith that truth will prevail and bring justice to you and your family.
    Prayers with you and thanks for your hard work.

  55. Anonymous3:19 pm

    One very old maxim, "Let right be done"
    Good Luck

  56. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Good luck Mr Armaral,,,, this has gone on too long.. It's quite embarrassing how the mc canns have been treated like celebrities when clearly they put their children at risk,, something is not right you and most of the uk realise this,, maybe the government are doing a cover up...... The mc canns are guilty of neglect 100 per cent and they have already got away with it,,, I feel sick when I look at that photo of Gerry and Kate laughing when they open their post with all that money in,,,, I wouldn't have left Portugal if it had been my daughter,, it's utterly disgraceful,, and they say crime doesn't pay,, in the mc cann case it most defiantly does,, good luck my friend stay strong

  57. Anonymous9:08 am

    Good Luck and Best wishes to your self and your family,
    I know the truth will eventually come out and they will be jailed for what they have done. I live in England and have done many many months of research on this case and I can honestly say people are no way near as convinced as they were 5 years ago of what happened to Maddie and I am quite shocked at how many people believe they are GUILTY AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.
    Justice will be done Sir Armaral, Love and best wishes to you and your family xx

    1. Anonymous12:25 am

      Well as we had paid carter ruck to sue, like most people we thought it was to find Madaliene, regardless of what others thought, will the public get to see live what were paying for, And get the opportunity to decide as well, if those few haven't already, I have just spent new year worrying myself stupid about my girls didn't sleep until they texted, 21 year old twins and a 24 year old, if you ever need an expert on twins and a toddler ask me.

  58. Anonymous12:16 am

    I hope someone gets to the truth soon and all the support your getting, people believe you Admaral, keep looking them in the eye the truth will reveil itself, as a mum of once 2 year old twins and a 4 year old daughter , 19 years ago, my twins never slept, fennigan I believe I was guilty of resorting to on many a night, putting all 3 of them in a bedroom together, nightmare,

  59. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Don't give up Sir. Hang in there. Madeleine is with you, we are all with you. May the truth light your path. Thank you

  60. Anonymous11:07 am

    Good luck Goncarlo - please bring this charade to an end.

  61. Anonymous8:12 pm

    All the stress you go through but remember YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN.

    As long as it may take. Even if you have to haunt them. God will be on the side of those who are right.

  62. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Goncarlo Amaral, you are an utterly amazing man. I have read "The Truth of the Lie" (interpreted from French edition) within a few hours, and cannot comprehend the vile and despicable way 'they'have tried to beat you down,in numerous personal and professional areas of your life. And yet you still stand strong. You have every right to be proud of yourself, as are all your believers worldwide, and we stand strong WITH YOU!! The Truth already is out, the LIES must now be shown..Much love and respect from Scotland x

  63. And still the UK police Force are falling for the Abduction lie!? Makes you shiver don't it!

    I suppose the Cadavar Dog results/DNA will be archived away somewhere in the sole charge of some geek TRAINEEE COP then surprise surprise - GO MISSING! ....That scenario makes me shiver right down to the very marrow of my being!

  64. Anonymous1:02 pm

    with great respect to you senor goncalo ,keep your faith never crumble to the lies of the mccanns. the truth will be known..

  65. David Nelson8:56 pm

    Sir please keep strong, you are more of a man than i will ever be , but as we all know the truth always outs in the end . The world must find the truth and through you they will, God bless you sir

  66. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Such courage, such strength dear Goncalo. You WILL win. And please never forget......Vincit qui patitur. (He Conquers Who Endures)

  67. Anonymous3:25 am

    Prezado Sr. Gonçalo,
    Desejo-lhe muita coragem para continuar sua empreitada ética de revelação da verdade em torno do desaparecimento de Maggie. Espero que você e sua família tenham muita fé e força para superarem este momento difícil. Boa sorte e que Deus lhes abençoe.

  68. Anonymous5:34 pm

    wsih you good luck!

  69. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Dear Sir
    i for one speak for all the British people who are all behind you 110%, you are a man in a million with no thought of your own just for the love of your job and to find these poor souls that have gone missing, you have lost so much but you still fight in..i Salute you Sir..you are a man in a million with a golden heart!...i wish you good luck and good health...x

  70. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Hoping every thing turns out as it should as you have told the TRUTH Sir

  71. Thank you for not giving up on Maddie. You've done more for that little girl than her own parents did. I salute you sir, much love to you and your family. Xx

  72. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Sr Amaral,
    The very best of luck to you in the libel trial. As long as you speak the truth and do what you believe to be right you have nothing to fear. You have come up against some evil foes, but I hope you will overcome them very soon. Stay strong, Jo.

  73. Anonymous12:56 am

    This needs to be brought to the general publics awareness. Groups in the social media sites are being branded trolls and more for deciding after readin material like Amarals book that a great injustice is being done.. First and foremost against Madeleine, we need as a publice to be able to say "NO, WE DONT BELIEVE THIS!!"

    As the Americans say Government is "by the people, for the people", I am sure if they look they will find that they have been elected into positions and that if the public who put them there arent happy with something then they need to grow a set....



  74. Anonymous3:21 am

    i am devastated by the injustice for madeleine and in the circus performance which has for so long gone out to destroy ordinary people. i have donated but i am only an ordinary person and was hoping particularly now it is christmas if their is any way we could fundraise around the world to help det amaral his family and other police officers to sue the mccanns for impeding the investigationm putting the chance of finding her safe and well by feeding the british press rubbish. maybe as some people say it needs to be tried in america, any pragmatic suggesstions on how to raise £100000 to help him sue them for libel slander psychological damage to his family etc

  75. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Sir ,

    You are a man of great honour , determination and genuine courage . The British public are behind you 100% regardless of what our cringeworthy , embarrassing tabloids say . I hope you and the Portuguese people do not think our country is reflected in the eyes of you know who . I have not met a single person in the UK who does not think the same as you when discussing the possible perpetrators . I wish you all the good fortune that life can bring and sincerely hope you have the satisfaction of seeing the people you want brought to justice ,

    Good luck Mr. Amaral

  76. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Dear Mr Amaral: Don't know if it's appropriate to compare you to Nelson Mandela, but your spirit is like his, and so will your eventual victory be! Please believe that in the history of human beings, injustice will not win the final battle!

  77. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Dr Amaral I send you my very best wishes and thanks for all your hard work. Plenty of people in the UK are right behind you.

  78. Anonymous4:45 pm

    We are right behind you - many of us here in the UK
    All the every best wishes