13 Mar 2015

Lisbon Trial: Awaiting the Verdict

Many of you who have been following the trial will be aware of the fact that the deadline for all parties to deliver their legal arguments to the court ended on the 26th of February.

Legal arguments were delivered by several parties and now we await a verdict from the Judge.

Article 607 of the Portuguese Civil Process Code stipulates an indicative period of 30 days after the process is concluded by the Judge. While this is not a legal deadline but merely a recommendation, several jurists believe that this case will receive a relatively swift decision.

Judicial holidays over the Easter period (March 29-April 6, dates are inclusive) mean that no verdict will be issued during this interruption of the Courts' work.

We trust in Justice and serenely await the Judge's decision, in solidarity with Gonçalo Amaral.

For your ongoing support, we thank you very, very much.