30 Apr 2015

A Message From Gonçalo Amaral

I find that the court's decision is unfair and questions my right and every Portuguese citizen's right to freedom of expression and of opinion. 

For that reason, I do not resign myself to the decision and I will appeal it until the very last judicial instance. 

If I am able to continue counting on your support, I will continue to fight within the judicial system for the Truth and the achievement of Justice.

Thank you. 

We would like to add a few words of our own. 

This week's verdict is the result of a long, drawn-out trial. It is far from over, as we now enter the appeals phase. 

Your ongoing support - both moral and financial - has been key to Gonçalo Amaral's ability to defend himself. 

There are no words that can adequately express our gratitude, as we have witnessed so many acts of solidarity over the last five years. It has been a humbling journey; a journey of learning and of sharing.

Now we need to reach the end of it.

Thank you.