21 Mar 2017

Supreme Court rejects appeal



  1. Congratulations Gonçalo! At last, you get justice.
    Next, justice for Madeleine, what you've fought so very hard for! X

  2. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Bravo ... justice for Senor Goncalo Amaral. Thousands are with you from around the world.

  3. Congratulations 👍👍👍

  4. carolyn6:41 pm

    so happy congratulations Mr Amaral for speaking the truth.

  5. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Congrats! Now take it all the way home senor!

  6. Congratulations Snr Amaral! Justice is a great thing!
    Tracy xx

  7. Crack open the champagne senor! Oh wait they still owe you €millions in unfair defamation of character!
    In this case open 10 bottles!
    Congratulations senor Amaral!! 👏👏👏

  8. Congratulations Snr Amaral it is good to see true justice at work. Now it's your turn to do to the McCanns what they have done to you. At least you have truth on your side......Good luck for the future.

  9. Rosalind9:10 pm

    Congratulations Snr Amaral. At last justice for you. I have raised a toast to you this evening and send you every good wish for your future happiness.

  10. Michael McNulty10:27 pm

    Such great news at long last. So many people in Britain wish you well.

  11. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Nossa! Os "Mau Canos" devem de ter ficado fulos!

    Um abraço a todos os costados para toda a equipa do PJGA em geral e muito em particular para o Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, que para sempre estará ligado a Historia da Justiça e da Liberdade de Expressão em Portugal (assim como todos os mercenários pagos a peso de ouro para corromper a Constituição do seu próprio país e simultaneamente assassinarem o carácter de um Português de verdade - incluindo o "Photoshop"!

    De um grupo de Portugueses e Brasileiros em Londres (zona W11) que frequentam o "Café Rico".

  12. Please could you post the overruling decision ?

  13. Congratulation Snr Amaral, Justice at last, you became Maddie's voice from day one and nothing held you back, well done and thank you from most of the world who stood besides you through out, next justice will be for Maddie, Brenda and everyone else who saw through mccanns lies, Hopefully you can get your life back, sue the mccanns,their so called friends and uk papers, you have done us (UK) proud, well done x

  14. Anonymous11:15 pm

    It looks as if Isabel Duarte alumnum Ricardo has made a fool of himself - as indeed we all had predicted.

    No need to feel sorry for the kid though. No doubt, he has been paid generously paid to run this errand for Ms. Duarte and for his rhetorical effort ...

    What's next?

    The McCanns' have plenty of money to take the case all the way to Strasbourg - perhaps this is what the denigration of the Portuguese Supreme Court was all about. Reputation management obliges ...

    ... but with the UKGB poised to leave the EU on the 29th March - and ditching the Human Rights charter in the process, I don't see how their legal whining will be welcome there - unless Scotland has its independence and Dr. Gerald McCann is prepared to wear a kilt ...

    The problem with kilts is that the more you bend (to tie your shoe laces, say) the more you expose your rear - and right now that has been so exposed that it must hurt! Metaphorically speaking of course. No animosity implied.

  15. Congratulations, cannot wait to read your book Sir.

  16. Anonymous1:22 pm

    ; ) All is quite on the western front!

    Interesting to note the partisan (read: carter-rucked) British media seem to have brushed the good/bad news under the carpet.

    I can almost visualize Clarence Mitchell scratching his head with one hand and his backside with the other. LOL Oh! Dear!

    The McCanns are furious! I happen to have one of those telepathic mirrors you saw in "The Beauty and the Beast"... Kate McCann in particular! Ten years of reputation management for nothing! It's understandable!

    "Now! We must take it to Strasbourg! I won't let that "fu****g tosser" get away with it!" She shouts, hysterically.

    Gerry goes: "Calm down darling! We have the Missing People's choir coming up soon on British Got Talent! Clarence has been working hard on that! Think positively! You are the ambassadress for Missing Children, you will be having tea with The Queen on Friday, and Scotland Yard is right now working on "Operation Mincemeat" - I mean ... "Operation Grange" to prove those "geese" wrong! We lost a battle but won the war!" (cough).

    Kate: "The bastard is going to counter-sue us now! Don't you see? We might have to sell the house" (referring to the one they paid with The Fund).

    "I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!" she shouts repeatedly as she bangs her fists on her head!" One nail breaks. She sucks on it.

    Again Gerry tries to reassure her. "No chance he will sue us here! England is not a banana republic! He will be laughed at! He is a "sardine muncher" for Christ's sake!"

    Kate goes on crying inconsolably and sucking on her broken nail.

    Gerry goes on: "And don't you worry about Isabel, our maid's bill! Sneaky people! We ought to have known, they were just exploiting us! Enriching themselves at our expense!

    Cheer up darling! I can's see you like this! It reminds me of that accident way back when ...

    Anyway, if it comes to the worst, uncle Kennedy will foot the bill! J.K. Rolling and Richard Branson will chime in, you know ... and we can still have a good time in the Cayman Islands - when the time comes ...

    Clary is working right now on our next PR stunt! After Britain has Got Talent that is. What's wrong pussy-cat!?

    Kate: kicks the door and "Amarillo", the corgi, in the process. The dog leaves the room howling, limping away at high speed as Kate shouts at the top of her voice: "F*CK MEEE!

    1. I'm afraid Isabel only discredited herself with a badly structured accusation and then defense, at MF's expense.
      Try to imagine that the MCs, once their 'jemmied shutter/window' spectacular words were believe (and why shouldn't they) by their beloved ones and once those beloved ones spread them, out of despair, to the media, were trapped. Imaginative people would have found a way out. Imaginative people would have pondered the benefit of postponed guilt vs the dramatic consequences, mainly on their remaining kids, of an "alternative fact". Many have to be blamed in this saturnine affair, but can you blame people for lacking imagination ?

    2. Anonymous3:08 pm

      I am not quite sure I would agree with you Anne on this one ... which does not mean that I do not like and respect you as a person. On the contrary. Let me explain.

      Ms. Duarte is a "top-dog" lawyer - not exactly a "chihuahua"!

      She was a candidate to the presidency of the Bar - she is also a connoisseur of fine wines, but that is besides.

      Rogério Alves (former president of the Bar) is known as a legal "mastiff" not just a "top dog"!

      These two were the very best money could buy in Lisbon and the McCanns' have plenty of that. Still do and will always will. Uncle Kennedy is a millionaire!

      The trial(s) as you know, was about the rights of both parties, so once Britain opted for Brexit, the McCanns' had no chance whatsoever, the Portuguese Constitution had priority over the hurt feelings of two arrogant Brits with friends in high places. But that is just me saying! Probably the seasoned judges were just doing their job the best they could. Such is the reality of the Law.

      The McCanns' keep saying they are innocent!

      No parents can EVER be innocent when they abandon their children to their fate! Period!

      Worst they lied to the PJ (saying the doors were locked); then to their rent-a-cop outfit (a bunch of criminals) they told the truth! Namely that they were using the open balcony door possibly to get back to the "tertulia" - and the booze - as fast as they could.

      And here, we are kindly assuming Madeleine wandered out of the apartment and was picked up by some "piece of cake" but that as the PJ suspected, the dogs knew, and Gonçalo Amaral wrote about, may not have been what happened!

      With my kindest regards



  17. God bless you & protect you, Senor Amaral.
    We are with you here in the U.K. & celebrate your victory.

  18. Anonymous10:48 am

    Congratulations on a well deserved and long overdue victory. As a fund donor, I look forward to hearing the decision on which children's charity or charities will benefit from the unused (or reimbursed) appeal funds.

  19. Anonymous3:21 pm

    IMHO before the PJGA should consider donating the unused (and reimbursed) monies of the defence fund to a children's charity ... definitely not Find Madeleine, Ltd. or "Missing Children" ...

    Perhaps the PJGA should wait to see what the McCanns' next legal stunt is. There could be more legal expenses ahead...

    No doubt Clarence Mitchell - the McCanns chief PR strategist and former Media Monitor for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown ("Iraq has weapons of mass destruction!")'- will advise them to go all the way to the ECtHR (Strasbourg) even if their appeal is likely to be thrown in the waste-paper basket again.

    All publicity is good publicity particularly when money is not a problem for the wealthy McCanns'!

    ; ) So much for the Find Madeleine Fund Ltd. and off-shore investments in the Cayman Islands ...

  20. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Dear Kazlux

    Does anyone at PJGA know the implications of a hypothetical favourable outcome to the McCanns at the European Court - even if this looks most unlikely?

    Can the European Court of HR reverse a decision of a country's Supreme Court?

    Does Mr. Amaral now need to wait years for EU court decision to have all of his assets unfrozen?

    Or launch legal proceedings against the McCanns for the immense losses he suffered as a result of the couple vindications, both financially and psychologically?

    And finally, since the UK is leaving the EU on the 29th of this month, can the EU court still review the case even if Britain is no longer part of the EU and (as I read here in a comment here) has repulsed the EU charter on Human Rights charter?

    Thank you! I am otherwise very happy that justice has at long last been served. What Dr. Amaral had to go to just for expressing his own expert opinion as a criminologist beggars belief!

    May God protect him always!

  21. Anonymous4:49 pm

    This is slightly off topic but I could not help sharing! Sorry! My jaw-dropped!

    Where did I read the DNA samples were not conclusive? Was it something the defunct FSS (Birmingham) reported - after destroying all the samples? I think so ...

    Who were they working for? The Portuguese PJ or the McCanns'? No prizes for correct answers.

    I just read this statement from an independent geneticist (@Jill Havern's) commenting on that now célèbre John Robert Lowe FSS report ...

    "What is the probability that the crime scene DNA described as having a 15/19 marker match did or did not come from Madeleine?

    The probability of inheritance of any single full genotype at all 10 sites, from one set of parents = 0.25 multiplied by 0.25, 10 times, so (0.25)10 = 0.00000095 which is just over 1 million to 1.

    Therefore, there are just over 1 million permutations of inheritance of 10 pairs of markers from any 2 parents. It’s a very powerful technique because we look at marker PAIR values.

    Lowe says that we all share these repeats and if you were to look at any one person’s DNA, you would find a selection of these numbers. That is true, but ...

    The chances of any value represented along with its paired value at any single site is not at all likely. As you can see, even inheriting the same pair values at one site among siblings is a 1 in 4 chance. Looking at the population as a whole, variation in repeat values at each site is much larger.

    According to Lowe, the profile of the crime scene DNA yielded 15 markers that were identical to that of Madeleine’s pillowcase DNA.

    He says 15/19 because 4 markers were missing due to the DNA being degraded.

    Because the analysis is done as pair values at each site and you can’t have half a site nor half a pair value, it should be 16/20.

    The pillowcase DNA did have 20 markers which looked like only 19 as described above.

    If you look along the profile in the table above, reading from site 1 to 8, you will see that in fact, by column 8, you have 16 markers even though 2 are identical.

    In this case, the probability of inheriting those same 8 pairs of markers at those sites from the same parents is (0.25)8= 0.000015 or 66.66 thousand to 1 chance.

    What is the probability that a random stranger, not related to Madeleine, deposited DNA with those exact same 16 marker pairs over the 8 sites with a complete match to Madeleine? Many million to 1."

    For the full report see here:


  22. Mr. Amaral's life has been destroyed, but justice has been made on his case. And where is justice for Madeleine? I truly hope that this investigation will never stop in Portugal and Uk (where you have such good detectives)so that the truth comes out of these horrendous shades. After all the tragedy happened in Portugal and we, the Portuguese, would like to know what really happened in our home.

  23. Bravissimo! Delighted for you, Dr Amaral, and for all your loyal supporters everywhere. At least some justice is being done. Here's hoping the whole truth about Madeleine will one day be revealed.
    Meanwhile, may your life again be filled with joy.
    PS I have your original book in both German and Portuguese ;-) Looking forward to the sequel!