1 Feb 2017

Thank you

Yesterday, it became known that the Supreme Court in Lisbon ruled in favour of Gonçalo Amaral, in the long running lawsuit that was filed against him over his book "Maddie: A Verdade da Mentira".

This is the culmination of a costly, difficult process that caused a lot of pain and distress, not only to the persons directly involved, but also to many who refused to be silenced, both on the internet and 'offline'.

Nonetheless, it also brought out the very best in so many people who have shown their support, both morally and materially, over so many years. It has been tremendously encouraging and heartening, and it must unequivocally be stated that without you, it would simply not have been possible to walk this road towards Justice.

We await the publication of the Court's decision and will update you soon with relevant information.

In the meantime, there are simply no words that even remotely match the strength and the tenacity that you have dedicated to this process.

So a mere "Thank you" will have to do.

Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral


  1. Bless you Gonçalo. Please let us know if you need more donations.

    Google translation: Abençoe você Gonçalo. Informe-nos se precisar de mais doações.

  2. Wendy Rowbottom7:01 pm

    We believed you Mr Amaral and were happy to donate to enable you to fight for your rights.

  3. Erica Jane7:03 pm

    Bless you sweet man .. may you finally have some worry free happiness to enjoy your family .. if only now we could have justice for Madeleine xx

  4. I'm so pleased for you Goncalo. You have gone through so much for justice.The truth will out

  5. Yes I too stand by Jill's comment above. May peace be with you sir.

  6. Get publishing, Gonçalo! Cannot wait to get my hands on any book/film you come up with!

  7. Definitely.. let us know. This has been a very long time coming, but at least justice has been done. You always said it would be. You got that right, too. Huge congratulations, Gonçalo

  8. Common sense JUSTICE at long last. Congratulations Goncalo. Pity the UK still in the dark ages ...

  9. Congratulations Gonçalo, so much respect for you, here's to the future !

  10. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Good man............

  11. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Justice finally prevails! I hope your book can now be published in the UK. God bless you xx

  12. The truth will out as you are showing. Thank you for sacrificing your life to show the truth. The majority are with you Gonçalo

  13. Goncalo Amaral.

    Thank you for your bravery. You are a man of honour and integrity. I am glad this has finally been recognised.

    All the best for the future.

    Steve Grant

  14. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Finally, the first bit of actual justice in the long and twisted Mc-circus. Hopefully you will go on and counter sue successfully should you chose to. Maybe when the coffers are empty, justice for Madeleine may finally come.

  15. Congratulations Snr Amaral!

  16. jill x9:03 pm

    Congratulations Gonçalo and very well done. Hope you can rebuild your life and happiness because you deserve it, you got too close to the truth so the mccann pair had to destroy you, most of the uk along with the rest of the world where behind and believed in you. You became Maddie's voice and stood up to everything,so happy you got justice,now here's hoping justice for Maddie, Brenda and anyone else who was in the mccann's way too. Well done and hope lots of happiness in your future, stay safe xx

  17. The day a lot of people have been waiting for. Congratulations Gonçalo, there is so much respect for you right now. You have shown dignity throughout this terrible ordeal. Justice prevailed.

  18. Anonymous9:35 pm

    So many in the UK are thinking along the same lines. Wishing you future happiness

  19. Felicidaes, Gonçalo.

  20. Snr Amaral- So pleased that common sense has prevailed. I know how much children mean to you and that you really wanted to find Madeleine alive, I have always believed all you said and was sickened by the McScum's trying to publicly discredit you. I hope that after a very long time you can now put this horror behind you whilst those vile people pay your legal costs. I'm sure you realise that few few British people are like them, you have so much support from England. So many of us were suspicious within the first week of the girl 'vanishing'.
    I hope your book will now be available in the UK and on iBooks so I can download it. I read the book by Kate McScum but I didn't buy it, I wouldn't give them a penny. Instead, someone shared it freely as an ebook on the internet so we could read her ramblings without paying for it.
    I hope the stress caused by this brazen couple has not affected your health and that your family can recover from this horrendous chapter in life and move on. A lot of us in England wish you nothing but the very best in life. Take care of yourself xx

  21. Could not be more delighted for you Goncalo. Congratulations on successfully fending off those greedy unscrupulous wolves that have circled you for so long . Now justice for Maddie would be the icing on the cake xx

  22. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Bless you Goncalo. I hope we get to read your book in the UK soon.

  23. Anonymous11:33 pm


  24. A great day,for all of us, but mainly for inspector Gonçalo Amaral!

  25. Anonymous6:52 am

    God Bless you, Mr Amaral. I'm only sorry I wasn't in a position to give you more money than I did, but I have been praying for you and your family to know God's strength. Here in the UK we are so grateful for your courage and sacrifice.

  26. Anonymous7:37 am

    Congratulations Sir and thank you so much for standing up for truth and justice despite what others have put you through . I hope that this is the first step towards regaining your life . Pleas know that there are many of us in the UK that refuse to believe the stories fed to us by the media and we are behind you every step of the way to revealing the truth . I , and many more , cannot wait for your book to be published in English and available here so that we can purchase a copy to show our solidarity, after already reading translations online ! Bless you and all those who stand up for the innocent x

  27. Paul Rees8:08 am

    Even now, ignoring the result of the court case, our corrupt press are writing that Snr Amaral "falsely" accused the McCanns of being involved in their daughter's disappearance so I hope he sues them as well as the ghastly couple. A lot of us would be prepared to dig deep to make that happen.

  28. Rosalind9:21 am

    Congratulations Snr Amaral. Justice at last and I am delighted. Many have been watching and waiting with you. I am proud to have played a small part in donating towards this victory and look forward to seeing your book on sale in Britain.

  29. Justice finally! More than happy to assist again if further donations are required. So pleased about this well deserved and long-time coming result!

  30. Anonymous11:17 am


    We are proud to have supported you and Madeleine in a quest for justice, hopefully this is a great start to a complete recovery of rights and 'humaness' and compensation for everything you have endured. We are behing you 110% in whatever you choose to do and whatever help you will need be it emotioanl or financial.
    Thank you for never giving up xx

  31. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Parabéns! Um grande abraço para o Dr. Gonçalo Amaral da comunidade Portuguesa em Londres! (Notting Hill Gate).

    É bom saber que - apesar das "besteiras" iniciais de meia dúzia de "penduras" - a Justiça e a Constituição de Portugal não são "capacho" da "Rainha" Isabel.

    Aqui entre nós ... O "Photoshop" (apelido "Frango") deve de se ter mordido todo! Gostávamos de ser mosca...

  32. Today, FEB 6, Miguel Sousa Tavares published in Expresso a neatly difamatory chronicle on Gonçalo Amaral and on the Portuguese Justice.
    Being entitled to give your opinion doesn't allow you to imagine facts suitable to your prejudged theory. Amazingly MST still uses the facts he invented in July 2008 and repeated in March 2010 in a TV kind of Hard Talk where he likely found exciting and delightful to question a man, Gonçalo Amaral, who was then prohibited to talk.
    Moreover, MST doesn't hesitate to denigrate the Portuguese Justice that seems to have everything wrong. What's the use of writing this in a national weekly newspaper ? Is it to make his compatriots (yes, Miguel, you're Portuguese, whether you curse at it or not) doubt of their institutions, feeling humiliated once more ?
    MST's article is ignorant and poor journalism, supposing this is journalism. I wish GA would request using his right to reply.

  33. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Greetings Anne! Absolutely!

    Miguel Sousa Tavares writes what he writes in "Expresso" on behalf of the McCanns and so did Marinho Pinto - "The Photoshop" - a nickname he earned after his no-holds-barred "investigation" of Leonor Cipriano's "abuse" published in "Expresso".

    The "Photoshop" writings contained "supporting evidence" (photographs) that Dr. Pragal Colaço asserted to have been manipulated with Adobe Photoshop "software" (...)

    For that reason Marinho Pinto's work for the "Expresso" has remained a hallmark of "investigative journalism" ever since (...)

    Miguel Sousa Tavares "Mixed Martial Arts" style - known as "verbate" - is more about battering facts than finding The Truth. Still, two birds of a kind, you might say ...

    That said, it does not come to us as a complete surprise that these two "literary giants" shared the same agenda (if any).

    Have you ever wondered how "reputation management" agencies work? Who does what? Who does the laundry? Who gets the message across? Who pays who?

    Is it just a matter of "making friends and influencing people", so-called lobbying? Does money ever exchange hands? Just asking! No allegations made...

    Common sense will inform us that someone has to do the "laundry work" - otherwise these multinational companies that specialize in PR and "reputation management" - such as Burson-Marsteller and Lift Consulting (Portugal) - would simply cease to exist! No "fake news", no business! That's what we think. Of course we may be wrong.

    Please note that we quoted but two "reputation management" agencies with global tentacles and millions to spare! These are not registered charities! Not even The Find Madeleine Fund is, but I digress!


    Before directing Burson Marsteller - of which Lift Consulting was once a subsidiary - Clarence Mitchell (the McCanns' contracted spokesperson) worked for Freud Communications.

    The owner of Freud Communications (Matthew Freud) was married to the daughter of Rupert Murdoch (of News Corporation) who owned the newspaper Sun - among other well-known media outlets.

    Remember Rebekha Brooks? Well, she was the Chief Editor of the Sun. Rebekha was married (still is) to Charlie Brooks - a close friend of David Cameron ever since their Eton's days. Small world.

    So, the story goes that at some stage the Sun newspaper publishes a front-page appeal of the McCanns' imploring David Cameron (then the UKGB PM) to have Scotland Yard brought in to review (read: mark, denigrate or perhaps simply build upon?) the Portuguese Police investigation. Thought-provoking, right?

    May be it was just a series of coincidences or mere tacit agreements. Unless of course it was hard-core "reputation management" at the highest level!

    Interesting to note that Clarence Mitchell was once the Head of Media Monitoring of the Tony Blair/Gordon Brown governments and later a Conservative candidate for Parliament.

    Should we ask him what exactly was his work and then draw our own inferences? (giggles)

    Of course we are not suggesting that both Marinho Pinto and Miguel Sousa Tavares - two "distinguished personae and literary giants" - were paid to write what they did for money - or for that matter to be a witness or "beat the drum" for the McCanns. That would be preposterous!

    ; ) Probably they wrote what they did because they naively believed in it and for all we know still do. If you believe that, that is...

    Do we believe that we are dealing here with two innocent choir boys? We hear you asking...

    We cannot answer that! Not Until someone explains to us how "reputation management" agencies and their directors get their messages across to the Media - who contracts and pays who and so on. Perhaps we should ask Wikileaks for help (...)

    With our best regards!
    Your independent work was much appreciated by us.


  34. Alison8:56 pm

    Dear Goncalo, please do let us know if anything more is needed. It was a huge privilege to be able to support you a little while these criminals thought they had got away with silencing you. So embarrassed to be English and to have watched our media telling lies about you for so many years.

  35. 'Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive'. This most tangled of webs has now begun to unravel and we pray that as it does, truth will emerge for All to see.