7 Feb 2017

Recurso de Revista

Translations will be added in the coming days.


  1. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Thank you! Wow! This has to be savoured over a few sessions...

    Surely wannabe OA president Isabel Duarte - a fine wine connoisseur; soccer fan Rogerio Alves - not to mention armchair politico Marinho Pinto - will find it instructive.

    I can almost imagine them scratching their heads and wondering how their privileged IQs fell so short. Well maybe it was all a calculated risk that paid generously either way. Amen!

    Carter & Ruck (lawyers to the very rich and the McCanns') ought to read - and study - this masterpiece in Jurisprudence. If only they understood Latin!

    The truth is quintessential English gentlemen - besides the pose and their Saville's Row attire - do not seem to understand much about Human Rights except perhaps in terms of how much money their clients have and/or how high-up in the Ideological State Apparatus they are. Ask Tony Bennett! A solicitor himself.

    Would it help the McCanns' to stage another legal stunt, this time in at the European Court in Strasbourg? Probably not.

    Soon the UKGB will no longer be part the EU ("America First!") and have ditched its Human Rights charter - not that were able to make good use of it in the interim. Again, ask Tony Bennett, Pat Brown and others that have been "carter-rucked" by the McCanns ...


  2. No, sorry, a mere "thank you" doesn't do it. We wish to know if GA will get his assets back with decent compensation for having been frozen for so many years. We wish to know whether he will be financially able to restart the firm that he had planned to set up after leaving the PJ. We wish to know whether he will choose magnanimity, limiting himself to receiving what was always his.
    We wish to stop wondering. Is it too much asking ?