30 Apr 2015

A Message From Gonçalo Amaral

I find that the court's decision is unfair and questions my right and every Portuguese citizen's right to freedom of expression and of opinion. 

For that reason, I do not resign myself to the decision and I will appeal it until the very last judicial instance. 

If I am able to continue counting on your support, I will continue to fight within the judicial system for the Truth and the achievement of Justice.

Thank you. 

We would like to add a few words of our own. 

This week's verdict is the result of a long, drawn-out trial. It is far from over, as we now enter the appeals phase. 

Your ongoing support - both moral and financial - has been key to Gonçalo Amaral's ability to defend himself. 

There are no words that can adequately express our gratitude, as we have witnessed so many acts of solidarity over the last five years. It has been a humbling journey; a journey of learning and of sharing.

Now we need to reach the end of it.

Thank you.


  1. Anonymous3:15 pm

    best wishes to you Goncalo Amaral,we will all be standing beside you against the injustice that has been served to you. God bless.

  2. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Hi I'm sure I speak for many in the UK when I say that yesterday felt very very bleak. Absolutely shocked and depressed at the verdict. But, it only resolves us to offer more support and strength for as long as this will take. Goncalo, our sincere wishes at hearing the news - but our support for you and loyalty increases evermore. We are behind you and will be until we are satisfied that justice gets done. Yours from Lincolnshire UK

  3. Anonymous3:50 pm

    I am absolutely shocked beyond belief at this verdict.However, i am totally convinced that this will only serve to bring forth many more supporters of Goncalo in droves.The general opinion it seems is disgust and disbelief.My support for your very fine self will never waver ,my best wishes for your future strength and will to see justice done. True justice! Never doubt how many are behind and with you in this fight!

  4. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Anonymous 3:19 - I couldn`t have put it better. You`ve posted exactly what I was thinking. From Hampshire UK

  5. Excellent news, you will always have our full backing until the very end. Freedom of speech is a right that should never be taken away. The latest verdict has only served to strengthen support of you and your fight against those who seek to silence you.

  6. Anonymous4:38 pm

    I had enjoyed a fabulous day out in the countryside when I turned on the car radio to hear this terrible news. I was completely stunned and could not speak all the way home as I tried to make sense of what I had heard. The truth is, it makes no sense at all, unless viewed through the prism of those who are enemies of the truth.
    There are many of us in the UK who know that if we don't do something to show solidarity with brave people like you, Goncalo, that we will all be overrun with the most terrible examples of humanity. People who no longer hold fast to decent values and morals. And that dangerous situation ultimately affects each and every one of us. For everything is interconnected as we have seen, not least between the peoples of our two countries. Nothing that happened that night in 2007 leaves any one of us unscathed, least of all the true victim in this - a defenceless little child who calls to us down the years to help her still.

  7. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Never fear Sir, you have the support of the whole World, that support will continue. Never in history has one man been treated so badly by the authorities of two countries. I pray your fellow Portuguese will rise up and make their voices heard as we do here in the UK. Juctice has to done.. God Bless you Sir.

  8. Anonymous4:51 pm

    YES, it is far from over. You have the support from people everywhere when you say you will not resign yourself to the recent decision. Justice must prevail! From Toronto, Canada.

  9. Please don't give up its absurd that your in this mess, justice is silent and humble and goes by the name of Goncalo Amaral


  10. Isto é para você Eu espero Gonçalo as palavras lhe dar esperança uma visão talvez para o resultado.

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    (Touro branco Little)
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    Só porque ele era branco
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    Quando ele perguntou a sua mãe se um pouco touro branco
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    Sua mãe disse, você bobo pouco touro
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    Então, por favor, não me pergunte porquê, pouco touro
    Você simplesmente não é preto!
    Mas isso não satisfez esse pequeno touro branco
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    Ele foi uma exceção a essa regra pouco branco
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    Todos os dias sozinho no prado, ele iria encontrar coisas para
    Até que um dia ele realmente imaginava, que os seus chifres
    Bold as de bronze para a direita então e, em seguida, o pequeno branco
    (Touro branco Little)
    Encontrado rapidamente a estrada mais próxima para a cidade
    E as pessoas diziam, o que é um pouco touro engraçado
    O que um pouco touro fofo, ele é o nosso pequeno touro
    Ele marchou junto, um pouco touro orgulhoso
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    No ringue para o grito de uma grande ola © (Ola ©!)
    Veio o desfile, tudo preparado para um poderoso briga
    Matadores e picadores e toureiros
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    Até o matador no centro chamou sua pequena olho
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    Esse é o melhor na Espanha

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  11. Iseult5:02 pm

    The verdict was totally ridiculous, and if the comments by Daily Mail readers were anything to go by, the public are both baffled and angry about this outrageous award of money to Madeleine's parents. As someone pointed out, if they're really 'searching for Madeleine', they won't find her in a courtroom and that's where they seem to be spending more and more time as the years pass. The ordinary British people are known for their sense of fair play, they can see the unfairness of one party having hundreds of thousands of pounds at their disposal with which to pay top lawyers to represent them in court while the other party has his assets frozen, leaving him unable to pay for his defence. The British newspapers, on the other hand, have ditched any pretence at fair play and misrepresent the facts time and time again. Some of the headlines the day after this verdict was announced were totally lying and libelous, they made me feel ashamed to be British.

    Gonçalo, you have a lot of friends in the UK, people who as I said before believe in fair play. I'm glad you've decided to refuse to accept this verdict, and we will support you every step of the way, both morally and financially. My very best wishes for the future.

    1. Anonymous6:21 pm

      I totally agree with you about the headlines following this disgraceful judgement. They turned my stomach. The media in this country should be made answerable to Goncalo as soon as he has finished with the McCanns. Newspapers here need to be sued for their sustained campaign of lies and defamation. They, along with a huge cast of liars, have sabotaged this case for reasons which are likely to be even more stomach-churning when we finally get to the truth Which we will. The damn will give and then it will break.
      As you can tell, I am very angry. And so should all decent people be at this shameful judgement.
      I urge all people to donate towards Goncalo's legal fees. It is not much to ask each of us who wants to protect our hard won freedoms to take a few moments to donate a little. I can tell you it offers some relief to do something practical to assist this brave man

  12. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Unwavering support from Cambridgeshire England Sir. Huge respect for you.! MV x

  13. Anonymous5:43 pm

    So glad to here you will not give in to the truth; if only reporting in England would be as truthful as you are then we could all get the justice for a little girl long forgot by her parents; but remember the money is all they want .
    Always has been always will be but to you a man to be a man of truth no disrespect to the people in Portugal but get behind this man put your views foreward again and again let the british corrupt government know that you the people are not going to put up with bullshit anymore.
    Let the world see that you are not the backward country they portray you are get behind this man we in Britain cannot do what you can do speak ; TALK NO MORE you know what went down with the Mccanns say SOMETHING FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH STAND TOGETHER we will do all we can to help but our media are yellow bellied cowards and will not print the truth COVER UP .
    GOOD LUCK to a big man with a big heart.
    To his family better times to come I am sure stay strong which I am sure you all are so proud of you all to go through all this God blessxx

  14. Alison5:56 pm

    Dear Goncalo, you can absolutely count on our support. I am shocked and horrified at this latest turn of events, and I will go on supporting you as best I can to the end. God bless you now and always.

  15. Stay strong, the good people of England are behind you all the way xxxx

  16. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Please don't give up. The truth will out eventually. Keep strong x

  17. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Don't lose heart Mr Amaral. You have many supporters in the UK.

  18. Ditto what all the others have said so wonderfully. I am from the US and have followed this nightmare since May 2007 and am also disgusted by the US media who have on several occasions sounded just like the British media. That gag order must go far indeed. Dr. Amaral, you can count on my continued support for as long as it takes. I wish the world had more men of your integrity and grace. Maddie is lucky to have you on her side. Best wishes to you Sir.

  19. Anonymous7:23 pm

    The recent court decision has prompted me, and hopefully others too, to double my donation because I feel so strongly that another injustice has been done. Every cloud ....

  20. Anonymous7:29 pm

    wishing you and your family all the best.you have many supportets in the UK who are right behind you

  21. Anonymous7:53 pm

    My very best wishes from Ireland. I admire your strength and courage and pray for the day both you and Madeliene get justice.Please remember just how many supporters you have..God Bless you and your family.xx

  22. Anonymous7:53 pm

    I honestly cant believe it however i very much doubt anything will happen now i honestly believe this is beginning of the end. The case is going to die down down before closing.

  23. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Estou contigo Gonçalo, pela verdade e pela justiça! Um abraço

  24. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Another message of support from the UK.
    This is an issue I will spread far and wide by discussing it with friends and family and making comments on social media. Have made my contribution.
    Best wishes Mr Amaral

    1. Good for you! Poor old Claribel got such a trouncing that I wonder if his association with the McCanns damaged his chances.

  25. Anonymous9:26 pm

    I Support you 100%

    They are horrible, Evil people!

    Take care, Sir

  26. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Im hoping this is not too difficult for you Amaral and that goverment influence stays off this case .. though our own governent we know are corrupt we in the uk a vaste majority are behind you ..bless you and your family xx

  27. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Calma amigo Gonçalo! Haja fé! Ja esperávamos que isto fosse acontecer... sobretudo a partir do momento em que a juíza Melo e Castro foi afastada do caso por mera coincidência técnica. Mas seria a mesma de fiar?

    Lisboa como sabe e um meio pequeno. Todos este advogados de gabarito ou de gabardina se conhecem e tratam os juízes por tu.

    O Gonçalo por certo se recorda daquela vez em que os "Mau-Canos" pensavam ter saído do tribunal dos "juízes menores" scot-free - passe o anglicanismo - e depois viu-se que os "juízes maiores" do tribunal da apelação inverteram a decisão paga (?) dos primeiros.

    Existe porem outro factor importante a ter em conta....

    Os "Mau-Canos" alem de ricos não são parvos ("descubram o corpo e provem que a matamos!") - nem eles nem o Clarence Mitchell - o ratão assessor de imprensa e gerente da reputação dos cujo ditos.

    O Clarence é director da Burson-Marsteller (Relações Publicas/Gerenciamento de Reputações) com escritórios em 110 países apenas. A Lift Consulting em Lisboa era parte da cadeia da Burson-Marsteller. Topou?

    O Clarence - conhecido nos meios jornalísticos como "O Rato Mickey" - tem como mentor o David "Camarão" - Yes! O actual primeiro ministro da Grã-Bretanha.

    Basta dizer que "Mickey" é candidato pelos Conservadores por Brighton. Vai enfrentar os Verdes. Esta frito mas essa e outra estória.

    Consta que foi por esta e por outras que a Scotland Yard se meteu nesta embrulhada.

    E como se o "Rato" não chegasse como conjura, o "Camarão" tem um amigo (dos tempos em que andou por Eton) de nome Brooks, Charlie Brooks.

    Acontece que a esposa deste ultimo, Rebekha Brooks, era na altura editora do tabloide "Sun" e vai de publicar uma carta aberta dos "Mau-Canos" exigindo que o "Camarão" se meta do lado deles ... aparentemente tudo combinado... fazem todos parte do Chipping Norton Set - e só champagne e santola!

    Não sei se esta a perceber como tudo isto engrena contra si - o Némesis dos "Mau-Canos" ...

    As deambulações filmaticas da Scotland Yard em terras do Algarve teve em vista não só curtir o bom tempo e o bom vinho mas impressionar as elites políticas do nosso cantinho a beira-mar plantado e, importantíssimo o juiz ou neste caso a juíza que o iria julgar... tudo se processa a um nível subliminal...

    Uma coisa e facto, para os "Mau-Canos" ganharem o primeiro assalto, sem duvida que alguém no Palácio da Justiça deve de ter perdido noites a caminho do lavabo - a menos que a batata quente tenha andado de mão em mão! O mais provável...

    Outra coisa a ter em conta e que no caso de lhe ser feita justiça ao nível do Tribunal da Apelação os "Mau-Canos" vão recorrer e recorrer ate chegarem ao Tribunal Europeu e, é aqui, que os dados supostamente recolhidos pela Scotland Yard no exterior - dentro do apartamento estava muito quente ... devidamente tratados com DNA q.b. serão apresentados para o tentar enxovalhar ainda mais.

    Pode pegar e pode não pegar. Os Ingleses não são muito amados na Europa.

    Uma coisa e facto a opinião publica mundial esta do seu lado ...

    Uma sugestão...escreva outro livro. Aprenda a escrever como nos tempos de Salazar. Tudo se dizia sem dizer nada. De resto os factos falam por si. Para que elaborar? Mantenha um diário . Escreva a sua auto-biografia! Vai ver!

    Entretanto sorria! Tudo isto não passa de encenação. O Shakes-pêra tinha razão.

    Quanto ao dinheiro, esse não traz a felicidade. Olhe para a cara dos Mau-Canos - sobretudo da Ma-Cana... que acha? A Isabel esta com cara de "bull-dog" - deve de ser contagio...

    Enfim, um abraço de um amigo que o Amaral não conhece mas, tem muitos como eu, pode crer.

    Abreu Nunes

  28. Well this is a complete shock but we must fight on in any way we can. There are currently strong efforts to secure further donations for the PJGA fund, and people are rallying to spread the word.

    Would it be possible to have updates as to the amount of donations received? I am sure that this would be welcome.

    We salute you, Goncalo de Sousa Amaral


  29. Anonymous1:32 am

    Depois de tudo o que se passou, do livro que li e tenho comigo, interessei-me em "investigar" à minha maneira claro. Vi vídeos, li bastantes coisas, entre as quais relatórios oficiais da investigação......resta-me dizer que pelos factos em todo o processo e pelo comportamento dos pais da maddie não podia estar mais de acordo consigo e a sua equipa de investigação. Porquê não seguir a investigação, porquê não continuarem a investigar e procurar as respostas às duvidas nela presente?????? Porque terminaram todo um processo lógico e coerente??? O que se passou??? Foi o caso mais mediático e mentiroso da historia das investigações criminais, a mais descarada e impostura decisão politica/judicial. Sentiram-se ofendidos por as provas irem de encontro à sua culpa, à sua responsabilidade enquanto pais. Mesmo que tivesse existido rapto eles têm responsabilidades pelo desaparecimento da sua filha. Ela tinha 3 anos e não 13 anos para a deixarem sozinha, mesmo que de 30 em 30 minutos fossem tratar do que quer que fosse...........Força Gonçalo Amaral!!!!! Esta é uma decisão judicial desonesta e preconceituosa.

  30. Anonymous7:26 am

    Força Sr. Amaral, a luta continua!
    Somos milhares os que sabemos que o senhor tem razão, tem o meu apoio moral e económico!

  31. Anonymous9:49 am


    Donate here for justice for Maddie. Thank you.

  32. Anonymous10:41 am

    Gostava que um dia terminassem a investigaçāo, ou fosse possível seguir o que ficou a meio..... Pobre criança, pais irresponsáveis...sinto-me mal com esta situação toda, toda esta ocultação, todas estas decisões, toda a manipulação......

    Quero deixar um abraço Gonçalo, agradecer por me fazer acreditar que há pessoas boas no mundo, que fazem o seu trabalho com paixão e não apenas por uma posição de poder. Muita força! !!!! Que a máscara lhes caia um dia a esses psicopatas!

  33. Anonymous11:47 am

    It`s still not clear what you have supposedly done wrong legally - upset them?, stopped the search? How come you have to pay so much when the judge dismissed nearly all their claims?

  34. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Mqrtin Brunt is having a hissy fit because Leicester Police have said there is nothing actionable in his troll dossier. No one has threatened the McCanns. There will be no prosecutions, despite Brunt whining that Gerry McCann had called for prosecutions! Now we all need to hear why Brends Leyland was hounded by Sky and committed suicide soon after. This case is unravelling. The answers will come and most like from left field.

    1. Anonymous9:27 am

      The fact that the police see nothing actionable in the so-called troll dossier leaves Sky News and its puppet with a huge question mark hanging over their heads re the legality of what they did to Brenda Leyland. Hounding someone because of tweets they'd made (no threats, opinion only), doorstepping them, intimating that they'd done something illegal when they hadn't, repeating this 'news item' over and over again on Sky News and only stopping when they heard of the hounded person's death - THAT may well be actionable behaviour, and if I were a member of Brenda Leyland's family I would be consulting a lawyer about Sky News' disgraceful conduct. The plain fact is a woman was hounded to her death by a tv company, she had done nothing illegal, her only 'crime' was to have an opinion that didn't match that of the British media who are prepared to go to any lengths to force people into silence on this case.

  35. Anonymous4:41 pm

    To Anonymous 11:47. Goncalo Amaral has done nothing wrong. Like many other people, I have followed the Madeleine McCann case from the beginning and I know how hard Goncalo and his team worked, to get justice for Madeleine.

    I know that if Goncalo and his team, had been able to work, without interference from the British Government, they would have brought the case to the rightful conclusion, which was to see the McCanns and anyone who helped them, brought to justice.

    Like many other people, I also followed the case regarding the banning of the book and there was plenty evidence in that case, that showed the Judge should have found in favour of Goncalo Amaral.

    I was shocked when I found that the Judge had found in favour of the McCanns and permanently banned 'The Truth of the Lie'. Then I learned that the Judge made her decision behind closed doors, in the presence of Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns lawyer and another witness. Goncalo Amaral and his lawyer were not invited to attend this meeting.

    Thank goodness the Appeals Court Judge, found nothing in 'The Truth of the Lie', that warranted the book to be banned and overturned the ban. The McCanns appealed in the Supreme Court and thank fully, the Supreme Court Judge, agreed with the Appeals Court Judge and upheld the overturning of the ban on Goncalo's book.

    The Judge in the lawsuit was made aware that other books have been written, with similar contents to Goncalo's book and the McCanns have never complained about those books. The McCanns have never complained about the report written by the former PJ Chief Inspector, Tavares de Almeida, which he sent to the Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation. Mr Almeida and Goncalo share the same views and their views are shared by those of us, who have heard the McCanns lies being spewed out of their mouth and watch them continually try to disrupt the investigation that was conducted by Goncalo and his team.

    I would suggest to anyone who is asking Goncalo what he has done wrong, to read the PJ Files, or join a pro Madeleine forum on the internet, you will see for yourselves, that Goncalo has done nothing wrong. Even though I am commenting as Anonymous, I am putting my name at the bottom of this post. I don't have a Google account and none of the other options in the box, give me the opportunity to comment in my name.

    Like every other Goncalo supporter, I will once again donate to his fighting fund and I am praying that when he makes his appeal the Appeals Court Judge, finds in his favour. I also wish Goncalo and his family all the very best and I hope their nightmare is over sooner, rather than later.

    Kathy Bell
    United Kingdom

  36. hi Mr Amaral, i want to let you know so many of us are behind you, we want fair justice for you. I will be donating to your justice fund as soon as i get my monthly pay check, take care and be strong, best wishes, lorraine plant

  37. Anonymous10:35 pm

    We are behind you 100%, Snr Amaral a true hero who walks with Truth.

  38. Anonymous12:38 am

    Gonçalo. The only people mad at you for telling the truth are those living a lie. Keep going, Señor Amaral!! We are behind you. I very much admire your integrity and humility, and am, as ever, sending lots of support your way. Justice will prevail in the end.

  39. At the risk of sounding like a rabble-rouser, could not some concerned citizens (preferably led by a British ex-pat) organise a peaceful demonstration next time Nicola Wall and her cohorts come to "investigate"? It is time that these people made it clear exactly what, if anything, is being achieved. After the 2013 Crimewatch programme it was announced that more than 1,000 calls, emails and texts had been received giving names for the person previously known as "Smithman". "We know name of Madeleine McCann's snatcher: Police get new lead from Crimewatch" trumpeted the Daily Express. Nothing more was heard about that and the efit likeness was removed from the Official Find Madeleine website.

    Now, they are back with the same old "bungled burglary" theory; they tried so hard to make this fit Euclides Monteiro, who is conveniently dead.

    Hogan Howe made sure that Cameron was back at 10 Downing Street before he replied to John Tully's very pertinent remarks. How many more "avenues" are going to be explored and how many times for each one?

  40. Anonymous3:39 am

    Madeline Mccann has left an empty space in all our hearts. Not one shred of evidence has ever been found to prove she was abducted, yet there are so many facts proven that something sinister happened in that apartment. When you hear stories of children being left home alone you think what's the worst thing that can happen, the child might fall off the bed, or out of the cot, maybe run the taps, and scald themselves, or even drown in the bath. You certainly don't leave them alone with unlocked patio doors, what about the swimming pool? even just going out into the dark night alone sends shudders down my spine. The thing is we all know that even if those children came to no harm, those parents were committing a crime, neglect!!! sorry by not even having the decency to admit yes we did wrong, the general public know that there should be a punishment given to these parents, however small it should be doesn't matter, to not charge them with anything sets alarm bells ringing. Why? Why? Why? are they being protected? This will not wash with most people on this earth, and it never will, not until there is some form of justice for an innocent child. I'm sure most us have sat and thought about what has, or could have happened to Madeline, and it's heartbreaking..