21 Jul 2014

A Message From Gonçalo Amaral

Dear friends,

Upon reading the news about the most recent trial session, I am certain that the vast majority of journalists don’t know what is being discussed in court, and have not reported correctly.

Let us be clear. What is at stake is to find out:

- Whether the writing of my book “Maddie: A Verdade da Mentira” was a lawful or unlawful action;

- Whether or not the plaintiffs have suffered damages and whether or not there are facts to prove it;

- Whether or not it is possible to establish a causal nexus between the book and such damages. 

This is what is at stake.

Concerning the book’s lawfulness, I suggest to anyone who has doubts to read the Lisbon Appellate Court’s decision within the injunction that preceded the current action. The truth is that for the Appellate Court’s Illustrious Judges, as can be concluded from that decision, the lawfulness of the book’s publication is indisputable.

With proof of the lawfulness of the book, the matter should rest here, without the need to investigate anything further, namely concerning the damages that the plaintiffs complain about.

Nonetheless, we should note that even if the lawfulness may still be at stake, there is still the need to establish a causal nexus between the publication and the damages that the plaintiffs complain about, such as deep depression, social isolation, etc. And, of course, to prove that said damages, no matter where they originate from, really exist.

Concerning the social part, it seems obvious to me, if we pay attention to the countless social events that the plaintiffs have participated in, including speeches at the British Parliament, interviews on television shows like Oprah Winfrey’s, gala dinners with illustrious personalities, namely British, among others, that said social isolation is totally false.

Concerning the depressions, although they are in no way proved within the case, in my opinion, in fact it would be very strange if they didn’t exist. The disappearance of a daughter, whether she is dead or alive, whether or not she was abducted, has to originate enormous consequences of that kind. How strange would it be if that wasn’t the case! But about this issue I won’t say anything further, given that the plaintiffs seem to attribute to me and my book all of their pain, as if said disappearance, followed by their arguido status and other circumstances that surround the case, were of no importance, or weren’t more than enough!

Unfortunately, due to clearly dilatory manoeuvres from the plaintiffs, that have once more forced a postponement of the hearing, I am afraid that the trial will drag on – as they clearly wish -, and we won’t have a sentence soon, as I wish would happen, and as I long for. Furthermore, the judicial holidays have already started and, as the Illustrious Judge explained, with the new judiciary organisation coming into force on the 1st of September, the process’ slowness will be considerably increased.

However, my trust in Portuguese justice remains steadfast.

All that is left for me is to recognise and thank you for all the support that I have received, from all those that believe in justice and in truth, without which it would have been impossible for me to fight this lawsuit. Or to lead me to ponder, as I do, to file a lawsuit against the McCann couple and others, in order to be compensated for the enormous damages that they have caused me already, on all levels, such as moral, professional and financial.

The time to judicially react to all those who have put my privacy, my intimacy, my freedom of expression and opinion, and my survival conditions at stake is approaching.

They have tried to assassinate me civilly, but due to the support and solidarity of all of you, they were not successful.

Thank you very much,

Lisboa July 21st, 2014

Gonçalo Amaral


  1. Anonymous6:15 pm

    With you all the way GA, a man of the people. Good Luck.

  2. You are a good man you do not deserve all this anguish good luck

  3. Anonymous6:41 pm

    You are a very brave strong honest man...well done and keep fighting

  4. Anonymous6:49 pm

    God speed and good fortune Snr Amaral, I hope justice favours you.

  5. Anonymous6:56 pm

    We'll said and thousands of us British are behind you. Stay strong, the truth always comes out in the end.

  6. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Dear Mr. Amaral, I wish you all the best for the trial & your family. I admire your courage because you kept pointing at the facts of the Maddie-case despite all damage that has been done to destroy your reputation. Hopefully you will win the libel trial (at least). Maybe it is really possilble and realistic that you could also win a trial against the McCanns for what they have done to destroy your life. You have a great supporting community - a lot of positive and supporting comments are actually already under a facebook-link to this recent blog entry. Best wishes from Austria!

  7. Barry Bucket7:10 pm

    Well said, Sir.
    You may be assured that there are many thousands of us British people who recognise full well what the McCanns are about. We all wish you well, and do what little we can to help you find Justice.

  8. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Wishing u all the best goncalo

  9. Anonymous7:34 pm

    What a star!

    Obrigada Sr. Amaral. Continue forte.

  10. Good luck, and thank you for not giving up.

  11. Anonymous7:39 pm

    We support you very much from Sweden! Good Luck!

  12. The truth will out, remain stedfast to your beliefs, you have many supporting you in the U.K. Take care.

  13. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Why arnt peoples we'll wishes being posted?

  14. i wish you all the best mr goncalo, you are a good,decent,honest man. i hope you kick the mcann's arses all round the court! forca goncala .

  15. You are a very professional man of up most integrity and you win in the end as your truth is the true and their truth is a lie.

  16. I wish you all the success that you deserve, and you have my very sincere heartfelt best wishes...

  17. Alison10:15 pm

    You deserve all the support we can give you and we look forward to seeing justice for you and for Maddie before too much longer. God bless you. xx

  18. You have a lot of supporters here in England. Thank you for your book. Keep your chin up, we wish you well. May the law be with you, you are right to fight this abuse of the court system by the McCann's

  19. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Every long night ends with a new dawn. Your dawn will come. Best wishes.

  20. Anonymous11:03 pm

    With you all the way as is thousands of other people in the UK ,best of luck Sir .

  21. Anonymous11:10 pm

    All those fascists were always bound to lose in the end. One man against a bunch of charlatans and chancers.

    The difference being that Goncalo Amaral has been raised properly, the liars on the other hand......???

  22. Anonymous11:18 pm

    I do not personally know of any British person or indeed anyone in Liverpool that believes the McCann's over you. Although I will admit any of Kate's family and close friends from back home in Liverpool will no doubt be on their side.

    I have still yet to meet anyone that does not believe your version of events and is not on your side! ... I have always known something was not quite as it seemed and always wonder why innocent people would use so much legal expense to quash any stories coming from Portugal!

    Good luck, keep on fighting and do it knowing that 90-95% of the British public are behind you and your book has only sought to reveal what most of have known deep down before your book was even published!

    Liverpool Man
    Steve Mc

  23. Anonymous11:42 pm

    my god bless you and your family xx

  24. Keep up the good work, you are an amazing man, God bless you and your family, you have the truth and most of the population on your side xx
    Good Luck xx

  25. Truth on your side and most of the population, good luck x

  26. Good luck Sn Amaral from Northern Ireland. I hope you win your case and that the truth will finally be seen by all. Justice for Madeleine Beth McCann and yourself.

  27. Anonymous1:09 am

    now if they where as good at getting of there ass and useing there eyes to look for maddie as they are counting money and setting up funds we would have never bin in this mess, good luck GA.

  28. Anonymous1:32 am

    If we can do anything to help you, Mr Amaral, you only have to ask. I'd willingly write to the courts in support of you and I'm certain everyone here (and many more besides) would be glad to do the same. We aren't fooled by the McMafia and recognise you to be a decent, moral gentleman who is only interested in the truth for little Maddie. God speed, sir.

    1. Anonymous7:25 pm

      I agree with you i wish we could help him more,i hope he gets back everything he has lost with more to look forward to. Xxx

  29. Anonymous2:47 am

    God bless u mr amaral the only TRUE person in this case And good luck we are all behind u xx

  30. Anonymous6:58 am

    Very best wishes to you Dr Amaral - from Bristol in the UK

  31. Gonçalo Amaral

    Right behind you all they way and I'm really sorry that the McCanns are putting you through all this. They are a total embarrassment to the British people I don't know anyone that supports them.

    I really don't understand what the McCanns expect to get form this action against apart form money. In my opinion I think they'r in a total lose or lose situation.

    If the lose the public are going to think badly of them and if by some freak chance they win then the public are going to hate them.

    Anyway keep your head up as you've always had.

  32. Anonymous8:54 am

    You are a credit to your family, to your friends, PJ and Portugal as a whole. Stand tall you will win.


  33. RA Wiseman9:00 am

    Mr. Amaral, I can only enhance all that has been said in the messages I have read above.
    A fine man and a good Detective of many years standing, you are.
    With my Best Wishes as always.

  34. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Many people in the UK are behind you. Many are encouraged that truth will prevail as it has been shown in recent UK child abuse cases where justice had been prevented for years by the power of the rich and famous.

    I also wonder how many times the twins have asked their parents why they and their sister were left on their own? Wish that could have been tested in court, along with many other things.

  35. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Good luck and stay strong!! We believe in you.

  36. michelle8:51 pm

    I'm positive all will be well and you will always be able to hold your head up high as you have written the truth,you know it we know it and they know it, hang on in there sir

  37. Anonymous8:19 pm

    The truth will out one day..be sure of that..in the meantime I wish you good health GONCALO AMARAL..a man of his word...

  38. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Its time for truth, you are a hero sir.

  39. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Stay strong x

  40. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Me alegro muchísimo que el Sr. Amaral al fin considere DEMANDAR a los padres por destrozarle la reputación, arruinarle economicamente, destrozar también su familia y someter a el y sus hijas y demás familia a un stress difícil de compensar con una INDEMNIZACIÓN. Adelante pues, aunque el dinero nunca podrá resarcirle de lo que ha sufrido por intentar encontrar a una pobre niña inglesa, si le compensara, en parte, como satisfacción de que la justicia existe. Adelante, trabaje ya en la demanda,Vd. es abogado y saldrá victorioso.

  41. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Greetings from Germany. Stay strong! I wish you all the best. We all look up to someone with so much courage. You are very brave!

  42. Anonymous1:32 am

    It breaks my heart to see the great injustice done to this good man by those wicked McCanns. Will the Portuguese finally find in his favour and restore some measure of peace to his life? With all my heart, I hope to see it happen soon. Keep strong, Dr. Amaral. You give a permanent lesson in dignity and honesty despite the vile forces working against you and you have the affection, support and admiration of many thousands of people who think clearly for themselves and are not fooled. ¡Ánimo!

  43. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Your day will come Mr Amaral

  44. Anonymous11:07 pm

    It has been our honour to send you our donation Sir, stay focused, stay strong. Much love xx

  45. Anonymous7:26 am

    Most people in England don't know the real facts behind this case. The media over here won't print anything about these Two. Makes my Blood boil so just donated to the fund. Good luck and hope one Day these Two and their friends who arn't telling the truth are put before the courts.

  46. Anonymous11:36 am

    Please stay strong in the knowledge that the UK believe in you... A man that is strong and determined in his beliefs... We all know that your book was written with the true facts as you the lead detective saw them. Nothing in your book that I have seen, states anything that wasn't already known and available on the internet for all to read, you just put them in the correct order. God Bless you for being the voice of Maddie and having the strength and courage to show the world that you are not a coward as they are and will not be silenced and you will excercise your right to freedom of speech. I send you a monthly donation, not very large but every penny will, I hope, help you to carry on... <3

  47. Anonymous10:55 pm

    http://www.madeleinedocumentary.com/ A must watch Video, 4 parts ...

  48. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Totally agree with the above comments,thank goodness that man is a MAN .
    Unbelievable that people what to punish him for doing his job properly.

  49. Anonymous1:56 pm

    A Gentleman with a capital G who is being punished for doing his job .
    No Need for Words

  50. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Good luck, may the truth come out http://www.madeleinedocumentary.com/

  51. Anonymous12:32 am

    The world needs more people like you Mr Amaral that tells the truth and stands by it.

  52. Anonymous1:59 pm

    We are all still behind you Mr. Amaral, never forget that. <3

  53. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Sincere best wishes Dr Amaral and the hope that good and truth will prevail.

  54. sharon6:17 pm

    Mr Amaral a man of honour, good luck the truth will one day be revealed.xx

  55. Snr Amaral, I really admire you and I don't believe a word from 'the other side' whatsoever. Lots of love to you, Sofia and the family xxx

  56. PS I want to hug you x :)

  57. Anonymous10:53 am

    Dear Sir, Thank you for your letter! Just brilliant the way in which this case is moving and for that Portugal and the whole world can say thanks to you, Dr Gonçalo Amaral, for your staying power, your endurance and your integrity in everything you say and do and your setting a fine example for Law Enforcement; this British pair fortunately cannot convince the world to accept their lies, on the contrary the clamour, outcry, forever getting louder -no matter what measures they set to impose trying to strengthen their deceit- to get these two liars and their helpers exposed. We'll be here for as long as it takes. Kind Regards to you and your family.

  58. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Proud to have donated a few times.I never believed the abduction story from the start.Britain should be ashamed at the way you have been treated and Britain helps the parents cover up Madeleine's demise.Good luck in the damages hearing and hope you sue the McCann's and others for their lies about you.Stay strong.Best wishes from UK.

  59. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Goncalo Amaral is a one such tall man. There are so few like him, against many more who would seek to pervert the course of justice. What a pity there aren't more men of integrity in UK journalism.

    1. That's wonderful, as is Gonçalo Amaral

  60. Anonymous4:02 am

    What a truly inspirational man you are. Words fail me. But the truth will prevail.

  61. Snr Amaral, I just want to follow up to my previous letters of support. I'm behind you 100%. I am ashamed the McCann family are British, the same as myself. I think you realise that not all British people are like THEM. Actually I know of no others who are like that pair of money grabbing charlatans. I'm certain that Madeleine didn't get abducted. Your theory on the documentary I saw on YouTube was very much like viewing my own thoughts to a certain degree.
    Sending you and your family much love & good wishes. Truth will prevail.
    Take care, Gena

  62. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Good luck with the trial Goncalo Amaral, you are an honest man and we all stand beside you. Bring the Mccanns down to where they belong.

  63. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Dear Senor Amaral, We are all so grateful for everything you have done in trying to show the world the truth.Please stay strong and feel our support,and love now and always.x from Ireland...

  64. Anonymous5:51 pm

    You are a decant, good man. It's a shame, that you have not been able to do your job

  65. Anonymous9:06 am

    Good luck Snr Amaral, and thank you for fighting for this poor little girl. Thank you for refusing to be silenced. You have the admiration of the whole world.

  66. Thank you for never giving up on little Maddie. The world (I hope) is finally starting to wake up and pay attention. That is because of your steadfast commitment to TRUTH. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You are so deserving to have your life and family back. God Bless you Sir.

  67. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Happy Birthday Parabéns para vocé!! Keep going! We are here to support you,have a nice day! ♥

  68. Anonymous6:30 pm

    God Bless you Sr Amaral, thank you for giving Madeleine a voice

  69. Anonymous10:19 pm

    God Bless and protect you and your family Sir, You are a true Man of integrity I wish you the honest justice that you so truly seek and deserve
    kindest regards

  70. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Thank you Sir for your courage and braveness! You deserve that Justice prevails!

  71. Anonymous4:51 am

    Estoy orando por ud y su familia todos los dias, Dios lo protege con su manto y no dejara que nada le pase , gracias por ser tan valiente millones de personas en el mundo estamos pendientes de ud. Saludos

  72. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Alguien sabe si Gonçalo tiene Twitter me gustaria ser su seguidora gracias

  73. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Gonçalo A. não tem twitter.

  74. Anonymous7:46 am

    Muchas gracias :-)

  75. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Never give up in your search for justice,we are all behind you as we have seen the blatant coverup that surrounds this case.Kate from Ireland xx

  76. Anonymous9:36 am

    You are an example to us all - keep true to your beliefs, and one day (hopefully soon) justice will be done. I say sue them for your losses, and keep the original issue (Maddies death/disapearance) alive, and not burried as some would like to see (allegedly)

    best regards

  77. Anonymous9:49 am

    I do pray that the truth will be exposed in this case. I was distraught when Madeleine went missing along with many other people and it is only very recently I have become aware of the anomalies. It is quite disgusting that the public in Britain are not aware for the most part. God bless you.

  78. Anonymous8:39 pm

    You´re not alone, Sir. Even in the USA, besides the criminal profiler Pat Brown (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dq5bz4MfwuQ), whose book also was censored by the McCanns, a former prosecutor -Wendy Murphy- questions the official version (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf4wVANuNRY). In the UK Sonia Poulton also questions the same perspective (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNJ7aDmcuG4). All the best

  79. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Like so many here I prefer to remain anonymous, as the "outing" of those who object to the standard tale has been gruesome, These two have left a trail of destroyed lives and reputations in their wake. But I pray that God will give you strength and the health to fight your righteous cause, and at the end of the case the mercy of leaving the whole wretched business (in more than one way) behind you and getting on, restored and reinvigorated, with your life.

    I too am from the UK and ashamed at how these people and some in positions of power here have treated and belittled you so unjustly. Insofar as one can, I apologise on behalf of my country, as would many.
    God bless you.

  80. Anonymous9:12 pm

    I wish you and your family all the best from Ireland. we support you all the way and pray that this COVERUP wil be exposed very soon ..God Bless...

  81. Anonymous7:46 pm

    I know now why the McCanns are so desperate to stop your book becoming available in English.
    For one thing, your account is the ONLY place I have found that mentions the fact that nothing more was heard of the hair samples found in the Renault Scenic hire car after they were sent to UK for analysis.
    These samples have to be one of the few pieces of solid forensic evidence which could destroy the whole McCann charade once and for all.

    Sir, you have my utmost respect and best wishes.

    Edward (UK).

  82. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Snr Amaral, I wish you all the luck in the world, and hope after all your hard work in trying to get justice for Madeleine you will be richly rewarded. I've watched your interviews with interest, and admiration, and not once have you faltered in your account of what you suspect happened to Madeleine! One day I hope the truth will be known! and you can get some peace from this case it must seem like torture at times.

    Wishing you and your family all the best.

    Barbara, UK

  83. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Dear Goncalo, we are looking forward to the final stages of this appalling farce, and to the end of the nightmare for you and your family. God bless you always.

    Alison (UK)

  84. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Good Luck with the trial resumption and I hope Justice prevails for you and your family, not forgetting Madeline McCann. you have been fighting on her behalf since her disappearance 3 May 2007 to find the truth!
    I know there will be a tremendous growing number of people now behind you in your campaign,
    Best of Luck Goncalo Amaral and family.

  85. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Nous sommes Charlie