6 May 2015

Thank you!

Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral's Legal Defence account has received in the past week

 € 3222,10
$ 90,57

through Paypal


£ 9,155

through the GoFundMe page created by Leanne Baulch.

There are no words to adequately express our gratitude for your support and solidarity. Thank you all.


  1. Anonymous4:19 pm

    I feel that, as donators, we are all showing that it is us who give thanks to you, Dr Amaral, for standing up for the truth and for continuing to fight for justice.
    This is just one of the ways we can show our thanks, by contributing to the ongoing costs in a small way. Thank - you! Helen, UK

  2. Anonymous5:04 pm

    I think myself and plenty more plan to give monthly. Good luck.
    Pete Mawby from Rugby

  3. Anonymous7:20 pm

    I also plan to give monthly for as long as it takes. Every little bit counts in the cause of justice

  4. Good luck and keep going were all in this with you.I will donate whatever I can every month for as long as it takes x....Lorraine Holden Leicestershire

  5. Anonymous7:37 pm

    We are all with you Amaral... As you have given, selflessly...so will we... United against injustice!!! Remembering Brenda Leyland & Madeleine McCann.

  6. Anonymous8:01 pm

    I am ashamed to be British. This is a total injustice and a disgrace to both the UK & Portugese 'Establishment', whoever that may involve? We need a super rich person with 'balls' to stand up and support this total miscarriage of justice. C'mon who has the guts to do this - what was WW2 all about?

  7. Alison8:17 pm

    We should be thanking you, PJGA and Leanne, for giving us the opportunity to support this amazing man and express how we feel about the treatment meted out to him. How Mr Amaral has survived the last few years at all, let alone with the grace and courtesy and humility that he shows to everyone, is astonishing. The thoughtful and indignant comments from his many supporters in both places are in stark contrast to the vitriol and abuse which are always evident in the McCann-supporting British media.

    1. Anonymous3:15 pm

      I so agree with you. The travesty of this case is shocking and rocks the foundation of legality .Never has there been so much dirt thrown and cover up, protecting wrong doers in past history. I believe Sr Amaral will be the one to bring justice for #Maddie and bring closure to this scam .Also justice for Brenda Leyland who died for her belief .We will keep support for Amaral until perpetrators arrested ,charged and jailed, and their supporters dealt with.

  8. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Dear Dr Amaral, here for the long haul too - for as long as it takes. Your support is not just in UK - some of us in Eire too. Keep strong.

  9. Anonymous10:13 pm

    On the contrary, we are indebted to YOU Dr Amaral. You are an extraordinary and courageous man. Many people here in the UK have felt devastated at the injustices meted out to you by a whole network of malign people who have much to hide about themselves. Those who realise what has been going on in this case have been denied a voice ... until now, that is. The situation reached critical mass with the obscene judgement of the damages trial which did a volte face to reach such a grossly unjust verdict against you. I can say my heart stopped when I heard the shocking news. And now we have found a way of communicating with you direct and offering you our strength. We are relieved to be able to join in solidarity with you after eight lonely years of hell inflicted on you for being the truth seeker you are. Here in the UK we are witnessing the putrefaction of our Establishment. I think it is no exaggeration to say that a dangerous schism has opened between the state and its people in Britain. A powerful elite are operating outside the rule of law that should apply equally to all. That situation WILL change because good people will stand up to evil in the end. And we all know that light wins hands down over darkness!
    "He hath brought down the mighty from their seat, and exalted the humble and meek."
    God bless you and your family, Mr Amaral.

  10. Anonymous12:05 am

    "A Teia da Esperança"

    A teia tecida
    nas noites de esperança,
    rasgada e ferida,
    segue a nossa andança.

    E juntos, mãos dadas,
    olhamos pra ela,
    vontades paradas,
    quais barcos sem vela.

    Amigo, que o braço
    cansado de tédio
    ergamos no espaço!
    É esse o remédio.

    Depois de cerzidas,
    não ficam marcadas
    profundas feridas
    em teias rasgadas

    Isabel Gouveia
    in "Poemas Vários (1950-1975)

  11. Anonymous12:08 pm

    As an English woman Iam ashamed of the biased awarded you from our gutter press. Please believe when I say the collective dismiss those rags and the vitriol produced by them. I do hope you prevail in your quest for justice and pray this comes swiftly to you.

  12. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Could you confirm that any donations to the legal fund will not be regarded as income for Mr Amaral, which could be seized as assets, or paid to the McCanns? Thankyou. To end speculation by opponents.

    1. We can confirm that no donations to this account that was created and is held by a group of friends seeking to help Gonçalo Amaral defend himself can possibly be seized as assets, because Mr Amaral is not part of the account.
      We can also confirm that each and every cent that is spent goes to help Mr Amaral finance his defence, not to pay anyone, anywhere any compensation or damages.
      Thank you.

  13. Anonymous5:10 pm

    God Bless you dear Mr Amaral,i have donated on several occasions & honoured to do so .The stress must be terrible,but keep strong Sir.

  14. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Dear Astro. Thanks for your reply to my query. I hope this will silence those who claim that donations to the fund may not benefit Mr Amaral. I hope to make a further donation myself.
    Do you know if Guerra y Paz were ordered to pay any damages to the McCanns?

  15. I have so much respect for Senor Amaral. The truth must surely prevail...but when? Until then I am glad to be able to help the Amaral fund.

  16. Anonymous10:45 am

    Could you confirm that you continue to receive payments from UK gofundme?
    To stop any speculation that this fund is not being forwarded to you. Many thanks
    Is it possible to do a weekly update of both totals?
    Great to see the amount climbing in the UK.

  17. Anonymous4:38 pm

    great to see this money has got where it was supposed to go,for Senor Amarals defence.Senor Amaral YOU are a true hero to have come this far,and all those that have donated have shown that you will NOT put up with the what mr and mrs McCann and their 7 tapas friends have done to him. god bless you all